Truck Week: Quick Bite

We're going to do trucks this week just because I have enough trucks in the queue to do a truck week. We'll start with a Quick Bite, which was originally the Ice Cream Truck and also named Tropicool. This is an update of the tooling, which you can see most prominently in the roof.

Quick Bite
2018 Mainline #093
I like: the casting. One of my sons is obsessed with these trucks and sharing this with him is fun.

I don't like: well the busy multicolored tampos are a bit blurry.


Revisionist History

So in my article about The Worthy I said that it was entirely possible that I'd encounter some car that would change my view of the best of the year. It's glib to say, but I really didn't expect it to happen at all, let alone a car that I got because eh, it's here, and Lamley likes it

I've said before that opening a premium cars is a special experience compared to mainline cars. Premium cars should have heft and present a genuine tactile difference from the wheels to the paint. And by that measure this NSX delivers a solid premium experience.

Acura NSX
2017 Car Culture Race Day #5

I think one of the problems people have with judging in advance if a car is going to be good or not is that so many of the "reference" photos are side-profile-only pictures of the car in the blister pack. Usually the extra folds in the blister mean that the other parts of the car go unviewed, and it is hard to see a 3/4 view or an elevated profile. So how "good" a car really is or is not can't really be seen until you have it yourself -- and yes, have it out of the blister and in your hands. Collectors who never open premium models definitely miss one of the best possible experiences in this hobby.

I cannot understate how awesome this model is. Black gloss, orange-red gloss, tampo decorations everywhere they should be (except maybe they missed the tail of the car), fat tires on red-rimmed wheels. The paint is perfect, the deocs crisp, and the colors wonderful. And yes, if I felt this way at the end of last year, this would have been my non-mainline of the year -- it's just better in every way imaginable.

So is it worthy? Abso-fucking-lutely it is worthy. The question as to what to take down is a hard one, though -- while there is a classic NSX up on the wall, I rather like that one and don't particularly want to take it down. So I think one of the two red 510 Wagons will come down. (Since they are up there because they are front-grill variants, I don't think it particularly matters which of the two comes down.)


Porsche 911 GT3 RS

So how about a nice Porsche as a palette cleaner from yesterday? This car didn't come from KMJ, it is actually one of the pick-ups I made while in Orlando in February. I'm pretty sure that we are not going to see these Retro Entertainment series cars in Canada, so it seemed like a safe acquisition.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
2017 Retro Entertainment Forza Motorsport #3
I like: Red on silver is a nice combination. The all-black wheels work well here too. It has detail tampos on the front, back and sides.

I don't like: honestly I like the other 911 GT3 RS casting better. And this silver metalflake looks too close to the flawed zamac finish I don't like.

So is it worthy? Looking at the other Porsches up on the wall, I don't see one I'd pull in favor of this.



So I'm burying the punchline a bit here, but I only bought this car because I have the other four cars in the Race Day series. This one doesn't appeal to me, but four out of five is the most of any Car Culture series that I've purchased in the past, so it made sense to me to just get the fifth. And I'm publishing this today because I don't want a car I'm not totally thrilled with to sit on the head of the site all weekend.

Porsche 914-6
2017 Car Culture Race Day #3

I like: the red is nice. And the details on the hood work well with the rest of the car.

I don't like: well I'm a bit iffy on the casting itself. Also the black base and the black hood and the black interior make the car really... black.

So is it worthy? No sir, it is not.


'92 BMW M3

A second Modern Classics car. It turns out I have a ton of BMW castings, so adding this one just seemed natural.

'92 BMW M3
2017 Car Culture Modern Classics #1
I like: The casting itself is very faithful to the spirit of the original. I like the blue. The wheels work well here. And the side/roof deco coloring is very nice.

I don't like: That said -- the front and back of this car are both very empty and plain.

So is it worthy? Nope.


BMW M1 ProCar

So where was I? Oh yes -- fun. Just before Christmas I received a mail call from my connection at KMJ Diecast which was composed of a bunch of cars that I'd never otherwise find. The Holiday Fandango and last week's KMart RX-7 were both a part of that shipment. But I got distracted with the new 2018s in January, then we had those awesome 10-Packs, and well these cars got shuffled back in the queue. But good news everyone -- they're up. So -- fun!

BMW M1 ProCar
2017 Car Culture Cars&Donuts #4
As I write this there have been credible sightings of the Cargo Carriers series of cars here in Ottawa. This tells me that as far as WalMart is concerned, we're not going to see any of the series that we missed -- no Cars&Donuts, no Modern Classics, no Japanese Historics Series 2. Toys'R'Us may be still grinding through last year's Car Culture series -- right now Race Day seems to be what's on the pegs -- but there's no guarantee they'll fill in the missing gaps. So I'll have to count on visits the secondary market to find the cars I want.

And since I've liked the BMW M1 for ever, I knew I had to have one of these when they came out as part of the Cars&Donuts.

I like: the idea behind this casting. I've liked this car since they were mooted as a support category for Formula 1 race events back in the 80s. I like the white finish. I like the traditional M colors of the tampo.

I don't like: well the top of the back of the car is a big white nothing. Not even detail on the rear spoiler. And all that makes the back of the car stand out as having no tail light details. This is a nice model, but it needs more details.

So is it worthy? It's nice, but it isn't worthy.


Another Hit RX-7

These RX-7s keep rolling. This one is the 2017 K-Mart Exclusive, and unfortunately I did not find it while down south myself, I had to order it. But I'm glad I did.
Mazda RX-7
2017 K-Mart Exclusive
I like: well the casting, obviously. The red color is a nice bright red, and while I'm not 110% on the yellow chosen as the accent color, the deco design is nicely conservative, matching both the 2017 Mainline's and the Multipack exclusive we looked at recently.

I don't like: Well like I said, I'm not 110% on the yellow accent color, and the gold trim wheels are a bit muted in some lights (but not so in others).

But is it worthy? Right now there are two RX-7s up there, the aforementioned 2017 Mainline and the 2018 Mystery Models car. Well the Mystery Models car is just plain better than this one, that's just science. And when I hold this one up with the mainline I just can't make the swap. This one is very good; but the mainline is better. Maybe if I'd got them in the other order this one would win. But for today: no, not worthy.

It would totally have made last year's list of worthy, though. Wouldn't have won, mind you, but it would have been on the list.


Porsche 934.5

So enough with the multipacks, even the sublime Nightburnerz multipack. Let's do some fun cars again!
Porsche 934.5
2018 Mainline #064
I like: I think I wrote that the white and/or black examples of this car from last year looked like they were lacking something. The only real difference between those cars and this one is the #34 deco on the side -- that and the fantastic blue color. This model just works so much better under this blue with the white lace wheels.

I don't like: having to reach for something I don't like. The geometry of the rear doesn't really work for me.

But is it worthy? I feel somehow that if I'm going to add a Porsche to The Worthy, it should replace a Porsche. This reduces the number of cars to consider as targets for replacement to six, so the number of thoughts I need to have about this are somewhat reduced. After a bunch of thought I narrowed it down to the red Porsche 911 GT3 RS (visible in this post in the European sector in row (from the top) four, slot three), and I think I'm going to try the swap out for a while to see if I miss the GT3.


Here It Is

Let's wrap up that amazing Nightburnerz 5-Pack with the one car we bought the whole pack for. Even though that's true, the rest of the 5-Pack was pretty good, a lot better than I thought it would be. When I saw this 5-Pack teased a few months ago, this was the car I wanted, so much so that I didn't even look at the rest of the cars included. I couldn't have even described one of the other four cars, I was focused on this car so much.

1985 Honda CR-X
2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack
I like: Everything.

I don't like: nothing. This one is excellent.

So is it -- yes yes yes yes of course it's worthy. We're pulling that Zamac Acura Integra Custom to make room for it.


Dodge Challenger Drift Car

Here we go with the rest of the 2018 Nightburnerz 5-Pack.

Dodge Challenger Drift Car
2018 Nightburners 5-Pack
I like: This one is a surprise. Frankly the whole 5-Pack is a surprise, really the only car I have not liked is the Nissan. This one? I like the red. i like the shape. I like the chrome base. I like the side decos. I can even live with the dark blue interior.

I don't like: maybe the spoiler is too thick?

So we have to ask: is it worthy? You know what? Yes, yes it is. I'm going to pull one of the two '12 Ford Fiesta cars that are up.


2006 Lancer Evolution

We kick off the week by continuing through the now legendary Nightburnerz 5-Pack.

2006 Lancer Evolution
2018 Nightburners 5-Pack
I like: This casting is rather nice, actually. Quiet details like using the plastic base as contrast material for the headlights. The paint is uninspired and the color scheme inoffensive.

I don't like: dem wheels. I'm yet to see an application of them that works for me.



Car number two from the infamous Nightburnerz 5-Pack.
2018 Nightburners 5-Pack
I like: You know, there's actually a lot to like here. The gold is nice, the gold/bronze wheels match well, and the choice of the blue actually works really well here. I'm surprised.

I don't like: The nose is a little blah, and the front air dam is tilted up to make the car more track-friendly. Also the details on the plastic base at the rear make it look like it is separating from the body, but it isn't -- this is "styling details". Boo.

Overall though, 5/7, would buy again.