Sweet Mystery Model

Oh what a wonderful day it was on Friday. After a business lunch, a colleague and I dropped in on Walmart Centrum expecting the usual disappointment. Instead, I came away with an amazing 10-pack -- on sale no less -- plus the remaining Honda series cars I wanted, and two Mystery Models. And we'll get to a lot of that soon, and start with one of those Mystery Models.

Mazda Furai
2018 Mystery Models #4
I have to admit that after I learned that each polybag has a label which tells you which model number is in the bag, the whole point of the Mystery Model becomes less clear to me. I thought it was something to drive sales -- that you'd have to buy more bags to get the cars you want, like the way Lego does it for their minifig polybags. But no, you can look at the number on the box, find it on the bag, and take what you want. Seems like a way to undermine your own sales technique if you ask me. But hey, I can get the cars I want more easily now, so yay for me I guess.

This particular car is pretty nice in concept -- no clutter on the sides or nose, and a simple color scheme that works pretty well. In execution, it's trip from Malaysia in the polybag box has warped the rear spoiler, something which is a bit of a disappointment. Now that I look at the pictures and the actual car again, I see the left and right tampos are slightly aligned differently.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? This one is an easy no. There's a lot of high quality stuff up in the "other" quadrant right now, and had the previous Furai been up there, this one probably wouldn't have been good enough to displace it. Still worth having though.