Last Year Is The New This Year

Another car from that big KMJ Diecast order from late last year. I did actually end up seeing this on the pegs in Orlando, but at the time I ordered this one I didn't figure I'd actually see one ever -- just seemed safer to order it.
2017 Holiday Hot Rods

This is an "old" casting that doesn't have the interior piece bleed over to the fender details, which is an interesting choice considering that the two 2017 Mainline Fandangos were the "new style" casting. The grey/beige is an interesting choice, bordering on "blah" or "meh" -- however it is consistent in itself, and does manage to pull off enough of the combination. I like the red windshield even though color wise it doesn't entirely fit. It isn't the best Fandango of the collection.

I also think of this as "Winter 2018", since most of "this" winter (ie: all of it except for 10 or 11 days) is in 2018, so the label on the side is a bit cognitive dissonance for me.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Yes -- but only because I still have both the Treasure Hunt and the Mainline from 2017 up right now. The 2017 Mainline has been replaced. I do think that this car is not worthy of displacing the TH car, though.