White SS

Another exclusive, and like the SS from the multipack extravaganza last year, it's a nice one.

Chevrolet SS
2018 Multipack Exclusive
I like: First off, I like the white. Somehow white doesn't work very often, leading to blotchy tampoing. This one works. The red rim wheels match the tampoing color. And the nice detail of the door handles being finished is a masterful touch.

I don't like: well I'm not entirely hot on the source material, these kinds of muscle cars don't really do it for me.

But is it worthy? You know what? Yes it is. There's a Chevelle SS on the wall, and this car beats that one easy.



So this particular model shows a bunch of casting damage. Look at the rough flashing over the driver window, and there's a huge trim piece left in the back passenger wheel well.

2012 Acura NSX Concept
2018 Multipack Exclusive
I like: uh.... the wheels are nice?

I don't like: well the casting is kind of blobby blah, the white paint isn't the best, the tampoing isn't very well applied... and the wheels, while nice, don't fit with the rest of it. So.... everything?

So is it worthy? Yeah, you're expecting that after a put-down like that I'm going to do a U-Turn and pronounce this car one of the worthy, right? ...yeah, no.


Another Exclusive

I always seem to end up with Mustangs from multipacks. I'm not sure I'd pick one on my own -- they're not my thing.

Mustang Mach 1
2018 Multipack Exclusive
I like: I like the color. I like the stance from the side. I like the black-on-yellow color scheme. I like the fact that the spoiler is cast rather than a plastic insert. I like the idea of classic 5SP wheels on a classic casting like this.

I don't like: the casting overall. Mustangs are not my thing, and this is based on a classic casting where it is unnaturally narrow and/or tall.

So... worthy? No.


Race Car

It is nice to see more of these racing car castings. Makes me wonder if we're going to see racing cars in more premium sets in the future.

’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3
2018 Mainline 072
I like: the casting and the wheels. The details of the red trim tampo are nice, and the red and yellow color combination set each other off nicely.

I don't like: honestly? the color. The headlights could use some definition. And the spoiler is on the thick side, but that's what we get in today's economy for $1 toys.

So is it worthy? No, it is not.

But it is a nice addition to the collection.


Another Matte CR-X

The CR-Xs are on a roll here!
1985 Honda CR-X
2018 Multipack Exclusive
I like: just about everything I liked about the one from last week. The wheels maybe need to be a bit brighter since the dark green doesn't entirely work.

I don't like: the interior. The black doesn't work, the car tends to look a bit like a dark blob, and like I said, maybe the wheels need to be brigher.

But one thing I do specifically want to call out here is the tampos -- while not as sharp and crisp as most of the ones on the Anniversary car, the execution ends up being better somehow. By not calling attention to the possibility of perfection, these tampos fit the rest of the car's flaws and somehow end up being an improvement.

But is it worthy? Overall, though the Anniversary car is better than this one though.


Bonus Crappy Content: Error Handling

Mildly interesting: the first S2000 I picked up had a mis-assembled windshield piece. I didn't notice until I went to open it with the Odyssey that came up last month, so I saved it and went out to find a replacement.

Honda S2000
Honda 70th Anniversary
Assembly Error


Honda Anniversary Week: '90 Honda Civic EF

And we finish on a strong, strong note for the week. This car is probably the closest in spirit to my first proper car, a '86 Civic 4-door. I did some crazy things in that car, and probably got away with them mostly due to luck.

'90 Honda Civic EF
Honda 70th Anniversary #2
I like: the casting, the color choices, the tampo execution (mostly), the wheels...

I don't like: there are tiny tampoing flaws on the hood and on the side striping, and maybe white PR5s would have been a better choice than the chrome ones, and maybe it would look better with nose and rear decoration... but those are nits.

But is it worthy? An easy yes, and it was easy to replace the '18 Nissan GT-R (R35) with this car instead.


Honda Anniversary Week: S2000

Ah, now here we go. Honda's offering in the two-seater lightweight sportscar arena.

Honda S2000
Honda 70th Anniversary
I like: the casting, generally; the color; the wheels; the lack of garish decoration that permits the car to stand on its own.

I don't like: I could nit-pick the flea-bites on one of the fenders, the fact that the casting easily looks lopsided even when viewed from the front, and the details of how the top of the windshield interfaces with the roofline -- but I won't. I'm not claiming this model is perfect, by any means, but it is a damn fine car.

But is it worthy? Finally, a hard decision for the week! -- right now the 3-Pack S2000 is up on the wall, and looking at it and this one I don't find replacing it with this a straight forward decision. The 3-Pack one has nice white PR5s that complement the car's color, while I find the chrome 10SP wheels here complement this car's paint finish. I think in the end the 3-Pack car stays, but only because the color execution is slightly brighter -- in my current mood, the reflectivity  of this car's finish and wheels are slightly less pleasing.

Don't let the final verdict take anything away from this car, it is a damn fine model.


Honda Anniversary Week: SI #2

Same name, totally different casting.

Honda Civic SI
Honda 70th Anniversary #4
I don't like: the details on this casting. It looks short, wide, and blunt -- and while much of that is due to the details of the source car, the casting emphasizes it in a way that I find unattractive. I also don't like the Trap-5 wheels, not only are they unattractive but Mattel is using them on everything these days. The spoiler is also more than a bit over the top.

I do like: this model when viewed from a distance. (How's that for consistency?) Maybe I need my glasses updated, but when looking at the car from 6 to 10 feet away, it didn't look horrible. The color is nice, and at a distance you don't see the lost detail in the tampos.

But is it Worthy? Easy no.


Honda Anniversary Week: CR-X

I like: the casting is really strong on this one. The proportions are just about perfect. The fender designs are magificent. The details executed in the interior are wonderful. The gold 10SP rims and the choice of the red plastic base both strongly complement the black body. With the exception of the Hot Wheels logo on the rear fender, the whole color scheme is extremely well done.
1985 Honda CR-X
Honda 70th Anniversary #1
I don't like: the matte paint finish. Despite this, the tampoing is done really well, so well that the flaws on it are what ultimately sinks the model, if you follow me. They are so crisp that one is left wondering how excellent this car would look if, for example, the "Honda" on the passenger door was complete and there wasn't the dangling chad under the #85. Close enough to perfection to be a horrible mess. Also the choice to make it a mid-engine car rather than the front-engine that the road car was isn't one I approve of.

Is it worthy? No, it is not. There are no CR-Xs on display at the moment. This is a strong contender for display, but ultimately does not make the cut.


Honda Anniversary Week: SI #1

I like: the casting, the orange color, the color combination of the side tampos, and the rims.
Honda Civic SI
Honda 70th Anniversary #3
I don't like: the tampoing on the hood is very imperfect, the driver's door shows some damage, and this car could do with nose tampoing on its headlights.

Is it worthy? No, it is not.