Simple Delivery Truck

This is a result of my recent expedition to Florida, which some of you might have noticed at the time.

Combat Medic
2016 (Target Exclusive) Retro Style Series
This is a nice echo of the original Combat Medic casting. Glorious color combination and variety in the side and nose tampos. I'm actually a little surprised we don't see this casting more often, I would have thought it would make a nice inclusion in things like the Pop Culture series because all kinds of wild art can be put on the sides.

Modern casting doesn't have opening rear doors any more. Disappointing, perhaps, but such cost-reductions are to be expected. Other than that and the rather boring BW tires, this is a nice truck.

I had a Daytona Charger pop up in Canadian Tire from this series so I suspect that Target is selling off the back-stock of this exclusive through other channels. But this one actually came from a Target in Orlando.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Well, that's an interesting question. I think it can displace one of the '70 Cheville SS Wagons that are currently in the American quadrant, but I honestly don't know how long it will stay itself.