The Worthy of 2017: Mainliner

So let's try to make this an annual thing, ok? It's fun to look at lists and argue about what is better than what else on a particular list. So I've gone through the list of cars I got from the 2017 model year and listed out the best of the "Mainlines" and the best of the non-Mainlines.

How do we know if a car is "worthy"? A car is worthy if it is displayed up on the wall over my desk for a long period of time. The more worthy it is, the longer it gets displayed. I'd say that around 50% of what I open is worthy of being displayed for at least a brief while. I have 96 slots in the display over my desk, so there's lots of room for variety. However most of what get displayed gets stored when the next round of fresh subject matter gets photographed for the blog. Since I've been collecting for more than 15 years I have a lot of cars to choose from for display. Many are fine cars; only a few remain worthy.

What makes a car "worthy"? I have no idea. There are no criteria for being included on or excluded from the lists; I look at the cars, I hold the cars, I open the packaging and roll them around on my desk. I even have a two foot segment of track on my desk to see how well they do with that.

There's nothing that says I won't find some 2017 car in three weeks that'd be an addition to these lists. However, in three weeks I may feel differently so some -- or all! -- of the list members might be different.

Like I said in last year's post:
Note that this is not a prestigious award of any sort, just what I think when I look at the list and handle the cars. And as such, the rankings and comments for each are 110% arbitrary and may totally contradict what I said when I initially posted the casting. Maybe I didn't like the car when it first came through my hands! These are my opinions, and since I'm mildly drunk right now I will fight you over them.
So let's get to it! Here are the cars in no particular order:

Worthy Mainlines of 2017

  • Tesla Model X: The white one was nice, but the red one is fantastic. Honestly this one was a surprise to me, but I liked the white one I got first so much that I had to have the red one when it dropped. Stunningly (to me, anyways) I even like the sawblade wheels. The white one didn't last in the display, but the red one is still up there.
  • 24 Ours: We got three variations this year: a mainline, a Treasure Hunt, and a Mystery Models. The Treasure Hunt and the Mystery Models release both still reside on the wall; my guess is that the Mystery Models car will have the most staying power of the three.
  • Fandango: Another two-for: a Mainline and a Treasure Hunt, both of which are still up on the wall. This is a re-casting and we should see a bunch more in the future as the nice flat space makes an excellent canvas for crazy art.
  • Datsun 620: Two colors this year, white and black. The white one has the usual splotchy tampos, and the whole thing looks much better executed in black. This one stuck around on the wall for quite a while but has been dropped; right now the "elite" 620 is the Car Culture Trucks version.
  • Ice Charger: Another Fast&Furious Movie fantasy car. If you need to race around on an ice field and lure heat seaking missiles into the side of a submarine tower, this is your car. Even the ridiculous low profile isn't a detriment. And it rolls really well!
  • '71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon: It's a Bluebird wagon, so it's instantly on the list. Right now all four of the variants I have are up on the wall, and since two of them are red ones, I doubt this blue one is going anywhere soon.
  • Mazda Repu: Another total surprise to me, I guess I really like these mini trucks. The blue-rimmed wheels are a masterful touch.
  • '90 Honda Civic EF: Then And Now really knocked it out of the park this year. Both the Civics look really good, even if they needed to be something other than white.
  • Mazda RX7: Another fantastic rendering of a fantastic casting. The deep blue and simple deco pattern makes it a winner in any year. 
  • Custom Datsun 240Z:  Definitely better than last year's Fairlady Z, this captures the spirit of the early Datsun Z cars better than anything else so far. 

Winner: Mazda Repu

I'll be honest, this isn't an easy decision. The RX7 is fantastic, and the Bluebird 510 is also fantastic. I just can't exclude the Tesla Model X. But the Repu gets it for being unexpected and excellently executed.