Time Machine

This is one I have been sitting on for about a year. I found it tucked in behind a bunch of peg warmers like the Ferris Bueller Ferrari and the Smokey And The Bandit whatever it was. So -- yoink!

Anyways, something special happened, so I thought I'd open it. And I'm glad I did.

Back To The Future Time Machine
2016 Retro Entertainment
Metal on metal, it has nice heft. Lots of decent details painted on. The true weird profile that the Delorean cuts when you look at it from a low position.

Even has the Outatime license plate.

The only thing that might not quite work is the real rider tires. They end up looking a bit like the oldie-style bias ply high profile and that doesn't quite work on this sporty car.
But overall, this is a winner and I'm glad to have it.