Here is the Nissan Fairlady Z, a car which is confusingly similar to the Custom Datson 240Z which was also new for this year -- and which name-wise is confusingly similar to the Fairlady 2000. It isn't clear why we need so many castings are so similar. But then, we have a billion finely different Mustang castings so who am I to judge?

Nissan Fairlady Z
2017 Mainline #357
The Fairlady Z is a reasonably enough casting, although it emphasizes the narrowness of the car's shape. This is a complete contrast to the Datsun 240Z casting, which is an older casting that has a thick, blunt nose.

When you rack them together, there's an almost delicacy to the front of the Fairlady, along with a bluntness to the rear. The fenders seem to blend into the Fairlady better -- but overall I think the Custom 240Z is the better car.