So, Funny Story

So I was looking at these 10-packs in Walmart, right? You know, because I'm starved for buying something new and interesting and so I look at these 10-packs. And our previous experience has shown that there is a large number of multipack exclusive cars in these 10-packs. And I was thinking, that '12 Fiesta is probably an exclusive, and I wouldn't mind the chrome sports-prototype thing... so why not?

Well, again literally the next day I go into a Dollarama and wouldn't you know it -- neither the Fiesta nor the Hi-Tech Missile are exclusives. 

This time, however, I have not opened it, and I still have the receipt... so it's going back to Walmart.

The Dollarama chain has been really good this year -- I got five other cars with these two, so I paid probably about the same as the 10-pack (Dollarama sells these cars for $1.50 each -- pricey but who cares when they're fresh) and got more cars that I wanted.

Most of the time, acting when you see an opportunity is the right thing to do. But its still funny when you see a better result that would have come from waiting.