So one of the rules I have about Hot Wheels collecting is that I don't buy stuff that is allegedly available on the pegs. There are exceptions to that rule, say in the form of Treasure Hunts that I know I will never see, or exclusive series cars that are tied to store chains that are not present here in Canada. So why did I order this one? Well I was looking on KMJ for members of a certain casting which you'll see lots of later, and this one was here, so I pulled the trigger on it.

2017 Mainline #242
Literally. The. Very. Next. Day. in Walmart Centrum:

Literally the very next day. Probably less than 12 hours after I sent the order in, I find two of these cars at Walmart Centrum. And since then I found a bunch of them at Dollarama Hazeldean. This car was never going to be rare around here, it was just bad luck that I got impatient.

This is apparently going to be the casting for the Fandango going forward with the extra colored plastic for part of the body work. We'll have to see how it goes. Right now I prefer the classic casting, but this one is not offensive so it will probably matter more what kind of decoration is used.