Forza Friday

Well I went back to Walmart Centrum for something unrelated, and wouldn't you know it, there was one McLaren P1 there. So, why not?

Again, it isn't much of a car that I like myself, but this is a pretty well executed car anyways.

McLaren P1
2017 Forza Motorsport #2


Then And -- Not-Quite-Then?

It is a bit amusing that the "Now" car of the "Now And Then" is a car that itself is 20 years old. It's been a long time since this RX7 regularly rocked the highways. Personally I was into different cars at this time -- witness my 1996 Legacy Sedan that I drove though the back half of the '90s -- but this is a well executed model and a nice complement to the older RX-7.

'95 Mazda RX7
2017 Mainline #336



Next up we have the Renault Sport R.S. 01. I'll be honest, the colour doesn't really work -- it's too glossy if that's even a real thing -- and I don't like those wheels. But -- racecar. So I'll allow it.

Renault Sport R.S. 01
2017 Mainline #252
The actual execution of the tamps is pretty good, though.



...as it was known here in Canada. This is a casting which has grown on me the more I see them. The first one was a nice burgundy, but after that we got a bunch of garishly decorated cars. And while this is a garishly decorated car, it somehow works better than the GReddy cars (some of which I have, even if they've never been featured here). So this one I like.

'96 Nissan 180SX Type X
2017 Mainline #225


Then And Now: Part 1

So Dollarama delivers again -- this time with the beautiful blue RX7. This is the sort of car that was hot in 1:1 scale when I was a kid so I love seeing them.

The paint and tampoing is a hair from perfect. This is a highlight of the year, for sure.

Mazda RX-7
2017 Mainline #337


More 2017 Treasure

Our next treasure hunt for 2017 is this 24 Ours with the glow-in-the-dark wheels. The 24 Ours car is a favorite of mine, so since this Treasure Hunt became available, getting it was a no-brainer. Fortunately my good buddy at KMJ had some in stock. So I picked one out, added a bunch of other cars to make the shipping sting less, and here we are.

This is a nice execution with the burgundy and orange coloring. The chrome interior and yellow windows look good too. I like sports prototype racing cars in general, and I'm accumulating a nice range of them. This is a good addition.

24 Ours
2017 Treasure Hunt



The third of last week's three Forza Motorsport cars is this BMW M4.

The M4s are a very nice in general, let down mostly by the ridiculous choices in wheels. This one is very nice with tampos on the top, sides, and back, with nice clean details, and PR5 wheels are a much much better option.

2017 Forza Motorsport #3


Firetruck Wednesday

So I had to drive from Ottawa to Kingston to drop of a dog (long story) and even though I was A) only arriving at 9:15PM and B) due back in Ottawa the same night, I figured -- well I'm here, aren't I? So off to a local Walmart I went. The cars on offer were pretty similar to what you'd (hope to) find in Ottawa, not much in the way of anything interesting -- except this. 

Yes, for some reason this Walmart still had three of the 2016 Best Of Matchbox Series 1 cars on the pegs. The pegs were even correctly labeled as "Best of Matchbox Series 1". These cars were were serious peg warmers in the Centrum Walmart, but it seems that compared to Kingston we were a brief flash in the pan. Besides this car, they had a BMW 1M which we saw earlier, and a Morris Mini of some kind. So, pity to come all this way and not go home with something, and since I've got some Fire Eaters in queue for later display, this seemed as good as anything to bring home.

'75 Mack CF Pumper
2016 Best of Matchbox Series 1
 And it really is executed well. The chrome on the nose is a bit over-done, but we can excuse that because of the details in the tampoing and casting. The two-piece wheels with rubber tires -- Matchbox's "Real Riders", if you will -- are perfect for this truck.

The dictates of 1:64 "scale" being what they are, this car is somewhat small when compared to other models. This is manifested as being a skinny car. But no matter, it is a really nice car and I'm glad I got it -- even if I had to give up a dog to get it.



Two cars make a trend, so let's have a mini Lamborghini trend -- with the second of the three Forza Motorsports cars I picked up last week. This one is the Lamborghini Hurican LP 610-4, another mouthful of ridiculous over-specification.

The side of the car makes for plain viewing, however when you look at the whole thing:

Lamborghini Hurican LP 610-4
2017 Forza Motorsports #4
...it looks much nicer, discreet rather than "plain". Overall it cuts a classy, clean look. I didn't think I'd like this one as much as I do.