Half-Assed Thursday: Commodore VT

Reaching deep into my stacks of ancient photos today at the last minute, and the first one that appeals to me is this Holden SS Commodore VT. While not as good a picture as the yellow one we saw last time, I still like the model plenty and this casting is one in a position of honor on my wall.

Holden SS Commodore VT
2003 Mainile #087



This is another Ice Cream Truck from the collection. Even though it is a Pizza truck, it isn't the one I referred to when we looked at the Ford Transit Connect. That one will come later.

Ice Cream Truck
2014 Mainline #009
The red interior and red wheels don't really work here to my tastes. I like the rest of the tampo decorations though.


Black Missile

We've seen a couple of these NSX cars already, and I think that this is the best one so far. The yellow one is nice, but this just pips it. I'm not a fan of the all-plastic see-through canopy, but everything else on this car is nice.
'90 Acura NSX
2017 Mainline #262

The rear "Acura" banding is hard to see here, but it is there. And the contrast in color for the exhaust is nice too.


Amazoom Recolor

Here's the alternate color for this year's Amazoom member of the Art Cars series. I think this one is executed better than the previous one.
2017 Mainline #218


Bonus Crappy Content: 10 Pack #3 Glamour Shot

...here's a picture of 10-pack #3 before it was opened. I should have done this for #2 because I can't for the life of me remember which cars were included beyond what I documented on the Blog.
2017 10-Pack #3


Racing Corvette

This car is the racing Corvette that General Motors used to get back into Le Mans GT racing. I still think it is better than the more up-to-date C7.R model. This is a nice metal-on-metal casting which was released as part of the Heritage - Redline series of 2015. I got this one from KMJ.

Corvette C6R
2015 Heritage - Redline


Base Ridiculousness

So I said when we looked at the Ford GT Race that I thought it looked terribly too long. And the reason why it looks terribly too long is that the non-Race version is merely too long.
'17 Ford GT
2017 Mainline #211
The window rakes are so extreme, it is hard to imagine anyone actually being able to see out of the car. And this is supposed to be a car for the road?

So despite a pretty long and low overhang, this car wouldn't be too terrible on the track as long as the turbo curves and loop-de-loops were eliminated. It should go fairly well in a gravity drag race.

Mine has some kind of zamac defect on both doors under the A pillars. Don't know how common that is or if I just got "lucky".


Truck Time Of The Week

Here's She-Hulk adorning a Custom '77 Dodge Van. These pop culture cars are usually done really well, with nice wheels and a good finish, and this is no exception. And this is one of those cars that is different on each side.
Custom '77 Dodge Van
2017 Pop Culture -- Women Of Marvel


Rescue Ranger

...or at least, that is what this casting used to be called. This is an update with a plastic base instead of the metal one; if you ignore that (or don't know about the history) this is a pretty fine car, interesting to look at, and decent on the track.
HW Rapid Responder
2016 Mainline #216


Which One Is Better?

So when the white one of these came up, I talked a lot of crap about it because I confused this car, the Model X,with the just-released Model 3, crap which I've updated the previous post with corrections for. I was going to say that this car works better in red, but having flipped back to the white one to collect the link I wasn't sure that's the case. So I got out the white one and looked at them both in my hand.
Tesla Model X
2017 Mainline #193
On the screen -- definitely the white one photographs better because my camera is a phone and I have no idea what I'm doing. In the hand, thought, the red one is more of a deep burgundy and is clearly the winner.

Frankly if this car had decent wheels, it would be a show stopper.


Bonus Crappy Content: Backlit

'17 Ford GT
2017 Mainline # 211
This backlit photo actually turned out OK. I'm going to try more of these in the future.


Flames For Friday

This is a color variation of one of the first 2017 cars I got almost a year ago. The casting doesn't work 100% in white either; I'm not sure what it is lacking, but it is missing something or has something it shouldn't.
'77 Pontiac Firebird
2017 Mainline #132


New Bug

This is a reasonable model of a modern Volkswagen Beetle. Not much more to say about it than that, but it is interesting enough to feature as part of the 10-Pack dump. Also it is a multipack exclusive, so that makes it slightly more interesting.
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
2017 Multipack Exclusive


Weak Wednesday Truck

So we've had trucks for the last three Wednesday; but this is all  I have in queue that's a truck. Not really sure why I picked it up. Only reason I can think of is kinda convoluted. So you remember the Ice Cream Truck we featured a while ago? Well the kids have a variant of this which serves Pizza instead of Ice Cream. And this is a pizza truck too, so logical, right? I dunno.
Ford Transit Connect
2017 Mainline #143