Mystery Disappointment

So again I'm digging through the history of Mystery Models to see if there's anything worth collecting, and this Mazda Furai meets that criteria. The Furai is one of those supercar, Le Mans Prototype-for-the-street things that manufacturers do every once in a while to try to get attention to their marque. In the Mazda's case, they lent the only example to Top Gear, who accidentally set it on fire while filming it, and that was the end of that. So since I like Le Mans Prototype thingies, this car is one that I've been on the fence about chasing, as I've never seen one in the wild. 

Mazda Furai
2017 Mystery Models
So it turns out that Calgary has a different set of Mystery Models out than does Ottawa; and since I was there anyways, why not poke through them? Calgary's inventory is similarly stale to that of Ottawa's -- if anything it is even staler. The only thing of note in Calgary really was the Pop Culture Halo cars, and since I already had my Scorpion I wasn't interested in anything else.

But -- as you've guessed from the title -- I'm disappointed with this car. The whole cockpit being a single plastic piece with molded bits to indicate the pillars and vents might make sense from a cost perspective, but it sure doesn't look nice up close. It is nice to see wing mirrors on the model, something you don't see very often with Hot Wheels, but overall the model is lacking.

Just like the 24 Ours we previously looked at, this particular car is relatively easy to feel for in the package -- the bright orange wing is visible through the white part of the label, and the front fenders/cockpit styling are easy to feel.