Final Letter

So when Elon Musk released the Tesla model S, he said that he wanted the three model types to spell S-E-X. Someone in legal put a stop to that, and the middle letter car is going to be a model 3 instead of an E. But the model X is going ahead, and is supposed to be an affordable electric vehicle for the masses (well -- upper middle-class masses) costing about a third of what the model S does. On paper it is an attractive idea; we will have to see if it works out at all in real life, and then wait some more to see how electric cars deal with Canadian winters.

(Pretty much everything I wrote up there was wrongly applied to the X. The model 3 is the "inexpensive" one getting released now, the model X has been out for a while, and it the 3 we have to watch to see if it is any use in Canada.)

Tesla Model X
2017 Mainline #097
The Hot Wheels model S model -- which we never looked at -- had a ridiculous up-chin to make it track-tolerant. The problem with such a design is that it looked terrible. This one is better balanced, at least at track level. Once you look at the rest of the body, you see tiny windshields and raked windshields, giving that psesudo-nuevo-chopped look to the car. Overall the effect is pleasing, though, so I'm not going to complain about it.