Brazilian Art

This Amazoom, inspired by Brazilian racing cars, is a member of the Art Cars segment series. The recolor, which I hope to see later this year, is also a member of the Art Cars segment. I still like the way the car's lines hint at track power wrapping some kind of pseudo-real-car.
2017 Mainline #113
That last sentence was terrible, wasn't it. However it's late so I'll let it go and post this anyways.


Final Letter

So when Elon Musk released the Tesla model S, he said that he wanted the three model types to spell S-E-X. Someone in legal put a stop to that, and the middle letter car is going to be a model 3 instead of an E. But the model X is going ahead, and is supposed to be an affordable electric vehicle for the masses (well -- upper middle-class masses) costing about a third of what the model S does. On paper it is an attractive idea; we will have to see if it works out at all in real life, and then wait some more to see how electric cars deal with Canadian winters.

(Pretty much everything I wrote up there was wrongly applied to the X. The model 3 is the "inexpensive" one getting released now, the model X has been out for a while, and it the 3 we have to watch to see if it is any use in Canada.)

Tesla Model X
2017 Mainline #097
The Hot Wheels model S model -- which we never looked at -- had a ridiculous up-chin to make it track-tolerant. The problem with such a design is that it looked terrible. This one is better balanced, at least at track level. Once you look at the rest of the body, you see tiny windshields and raked windshields, giving that psesudo-nuevo-chopped look to the car. Overall the effect is pleasing, though, so I'm not going to complain about it.


Missing Focus

Hey look, I found the '08 Ford Focus that I mentioned last time. Turns out I have too many blister packs on my desk and I'm losing track of them. 

'08 Ford Focus
2013 Mainline #084
Like I said last time, I think I like this color scheme and tampo variant better than the bright orange one.

...although for some reason the rear window has some kind of stress damage.


Cargo Deadhead

This year's addition to the ridiculous racing truck category.

Rig Heat
2017 Mainline #120
As a toy it is fine, as a model it isn't quite so fine as there's no place to hook a trailer to. That's pretty much the only complaint I have about this.


Grey Knight

Movie Batmobile imagined in a light grey. Nice subtle tampoing on the rear, but overall this car works better in black because Batman.

2017 Mainline #134


Another Le Mans Prototype

It's funny how I'll get interested in a casting and then a new release of it will pop up -- that's what happened with the Fandango, resulting in the Treasure Hunt that I showed last. This, on the other hand, is the mainline 24 Ours for 2017. There's also a Treasure Hunt which I'll have to resort to eBay to obtain -- but since it isn't a $uper, it will almost certainly be affordable. 2017 is a banner year for Treasure Hunts, since there are (so far) two of them that I both wanted and figure I can afford.

24 Ours
2017 Mainline #189
I like the coloring and the tampo work, however the wheels are not quite there. These wheels are allegedly glow in the dark, but I have not put that to the test yet.


Variable Focus

Another variant of the fine '08 Ford Focus. Picked up as part of my last eBay indulgence, but kept until now. Personally I like the other coloring better (which I seem to have misplaced? I thought it had been published already) and I'm still not really a fan of mis-matched wheel colors but it is what it is.
'08 Ford Focus
2013 Mainline #084

Sweet paint shard dangling off the rear rivet, dude.


Fixed Mini

I wonder when the Minis stopped having removable body shells.

Morris Mini
2017 Mainline #137


Sometimes, If You Are Going To Do Something...

...you might as well take the time to do it right. This is one of those cases. For whatever reason, Mattel has released this A100 as both a Hot Wheels and a Matchbox model. Matchbox has recently been taking more care to ensure that when they do real world or licensed models they take care to get the details right, while Hot Wheels frequently takes the vehicle as an "inspiration" to do something "fun". Thus this year's Hot Wheels A100 which has a low-rider profile, oversize wheels, and a deck for putting things on. The Matchbox model, on the other hand, is far more faithful to the original truck.
'66 Dodge A100
2017 Matchbox Mainline
The one thing I'm still not really used to on Matchbox is the wheels -- they look wrong to me after years of looking at Hot Wheels wheels. So I'm not really sure these wheels fit, although they are better proportioned.

As I get older I've been buying more Matchbox (although "more" is a relative number -- I'm probably still less than a dozen of them over the last three years) because the cars are more realistic. For whatever reason I don't need "fun" or "interpretational" models as much as I used to, I want cars that look like their source material.


Mystery Disappointment

So again I'm digging through the history of Mystery Models to see if there's anything worth collecting, and this Mazda Furai meets that criteria. The Furai is one of those supercar, Le Mans Prototype-for-the-street things that manufacturers do every once in a while to try to get attention to their marque. In the Mazda's case, they lent the only example to Top Gear, who accidentally set it on fire while filming it, and that was the end of that. So since I like Le Mans Prototype thingies, this car is one that I've been on the fence about chasing, as I've never seen one in the wild. 

Mazda Furai
2017 Mystery Models
So it turns out that Calgary has a different set of Mystery Models out than does Ottawa; and since I was there anyways, why not poke through them? Calgary's inventory is similarly stale to that of Ottawa's -- if anything it is even staler. The only thing of note in Calgary really was the Pop Culture Halo cars, and since I already had my Scorpion I wasn't interested in anything else.

But -- as you've guessed from the title -- I'm disappointed with this car. The whole cockpit being a single plastic piece with molded bits to indicate the pillars and vents might make sense from a cost perspective, but it sure doesn't look nice up close. It is nice to see wing mirrors on the model, something you don't see very often with Hot Wheels, but overall the model is lacking.

Just like the 24 Ours we previously looked at, this particular car is relatively easy to feel for in the package -- the bright orange wing is visible through the white part of the label, and the front fenders/cockpit styling are easy to feel.


Chill Delivery

Everyone likes ice cream on a hot summer day. My eldest son especially likes these castings, they are among the top castings that he will out-and-out steal if he sees them lying around in the office. This kind of attraction is rare -- even for things like the school busses he'll ask for. These? Gone.

Ice Cream Truck
1995 Mainline, Toy #5904
Looking at the CollectHW page, I'm pretty sure this is a 1995, as everything previous to this had BW tires instead of 5SP. It came from a friend at a birthday, and was in the opened state when I got it -- thus the somewhat wear and tear on the corners. Overall it is in pretty sharp condition, though.


Bonus Crappy Content: The Rest Of The 3-Packs

So we've had three cars from a pair of 3-Packs featured here, I thought you might be interested to see what else they put in these. Well here's the missing half of the 3-Packs:

From left to right, I give you: El Superfasto (which is a ridiculous name for a terrible car, one that is suitable only for a Grab Bag booby prize); Drift King (which is a terrible from a design standpoint but has features that would make it go really well on the track); and Vulture (which is really the only redeeming car here).

If you are curious, I believe that El Superfasto and the Drift King both came with the S2000, while the Vulture was with the Ford Falcon Race Car and the Mercury Cyclone. Considering that the Vulture almost -- almost! -- rises to the level of attracting my collecting interest, I'd have to say that the second 3-pack was definitely the better of the two.


Not Exactly Mint

...but still exceptionally rare:
Royal Flash
1983 Mainline, toy # 2501
One 1983 orange Royal Flash, still in the packaging. As you can see, the package is murderously less than mint, but the car inside is perfect. I do believe that when I did research on this, it turned out to be in a European/International package rather than US packaging. I've had this about fifteen years now, it was one of my first eBay purchases when I got into the hobby and started filling out my collection with cars that I remembered from my childhood. I didn't have this one -- I had the 1979 white one, an example of which we will see in the future -- but it came up, was affordable (probably because of the war-torn cardboard) and so it is now in my collection.


Exclusive Fandango

At some point the word "Exclusive" starts to lose its meaning. Still, there is value in indicating that a car was not available through "normal" means, that you had to be on the lookout for the casting in unusual circumstances. This is one such circumstance.

2002 Blue Book Collectors 3-Pack
In 2002, Mattel made available a "Blue Book Collectors' 3-Pack which featured a small glossy book containing a listing of all the new models and segment series cars that would be part of that model year. Along with the book, you got this "Exclusive" decoration plus two other cars seemingly at random.

This decoration stands out to me, it is blatantly Hot Wheels while still being cohesive, bright, and friendly without being too "look at me!" It is quite probably the car that got me collecting this casting.


More Color Weirdness

Another color oddity in another 3-Pack. This Mercury Cyclone is listed in the wiki site as having "Metalflake Red" as its color. But to me, this is more orange. And if I hold the car up to the wiki picture, my car here looks almost... brown.

'69 Mercury Cyclone
2014 3-Pack
This is another model that makes itself look "big". Personally I'm not as much a fan of the look here. Maybe it's the "brown". Nice tampo details on the rear and front fenders, though.


Manufacturing Defect II

The Pikes Peak Tacoma is a favorite casting of mine, but I seem to have bad luck with them. This is the second time I've got one that had a manufacturing defect meaning that it didn't roll nicely -- the car is dragging along on the rear plastic bump stops on the underside. This one is from the 2011 mainline, but the picture on the wiki site shows a car which is much, much redder than this one is.

Pikes Peak Tacoma
2011 Mainline #201

We're seeing this car here today because I finally sold on most of the mythical flea market box that had a ton (well, 85, we counted) of sealed mainlines that I wasn't keen on. There were three of these -- for some reason I kept buying them in 2011/2012 -- and I kept one, and it was still on the top of the pile, so here it is. It makes me wonder if the other two had the same problem. The new owner isn't one for opening cars, so we might never know for sure.

You can see the car's backwards rake showing the lack of axle lift in the rear. Too bad.


Green Fairlady

This is a recolor of the other Fairlady 2000 we saw earlier. Notably there are two variants of this car, one with the DD8 "Deep Dish" wheels (as seen here); and one with PR5 wheels instead. Overall I'm not especially thrilled with this particular rendering. (Looking back at the previous car, I clearly didn't have anything interesting to say about the car then, either.)

Fairlady 2000
2017 Mainline #118