Ride The Sci Fi Highway

So for reasons I don't really understand I like the Fandango casting. I've been working on collecting all of them, and it is actually more difficult than I originally expected because of the nature of the casting. A casting with a large blank area becomes a canvas for graphics, meaning that the car can be used as a character car or fit into pretty much any theme you care to imagine. This means you end up with a whole whack of these cars which are not produced in huge volumes and can have restricted availability by retailer or geographically. And since the themes are frequently throw-away themes, they don't end up being popular, so the cars get distributed and generally forgotten.

Which is a long trip that brings us to the Sci Fi Highway 5-Pack.

2006 Sci-Fi Highway 5-Pack Exclusive
I saw this car exactly once when visiting a Costco at Christmas 2006. It was part of the aforementioned Sci-Fi Highway 5-Pack, which itself was bundled into a box of five 5-Packs. So 25 cars total, for around $25. And at the time I thought well I'll certainly see this 5-Pack in Walmart, so there's absolutely no pressure to pay $25 for one car, right?

Right. I didn't get back to Costco that season, and this 5-Pack didn't make general circulation in Ottawa for whatever reason, so I never saw it again. Which means we had to go off to the secondary market: eBay. And this year, one finally came up. Fair condition (but who's picky?) and available for purchase. So I paid for it. Guess how much it cost?

Right. About $25.

...and who knows, maybe there would have been other things in that collection of 24 other cars that turned into something interesting.

The moral of the story is: if you see something you want, buy it when you see it, because if you don't, you'll pay at least that much later -- for something that is probably in less than new condition -- if it ever comes up.


Le Mans Mystery

So backing up a bit to the Le Mans theme from last week, here's something I got just yesterday. I decided that since I was getting back into race cars I should get back into race cars properly and looked around to see what was available, now. And I discovered that this 24 Ours car was one of the Mystery Models that are currently on the shelves. So, off I went.
24 Ours
2017 Mystery Models
And it turns out that figuring out what cars are in the Mystery Models baggies is much, much easier than what Lego makes you go through. Not only are the cars distinctively shaped, but the white plastic part of the baggie is just ever-so-slightly transparent, which means you can see the nose, or the back of the car that is inside. Even with this advantage, I found this one in the third baggie I picked up.

The casting is an ever-so-subtle homage to the Puegeot 908 Le Mans race car from 2011. Powered by a diesel motor, it raced against the mighty Audis of the same era, running with them and beating them on occasion.


A New Favorite

Sometimes you see a car on the internet somewhere and you just want it. I first saw this in a Reddit user's post about a nine-pack multipack that he was considering, although I can't for the life of me remember why he was considering it. I just knew that this yellow Escort had to be mine. I did worry that I wouldn't see it, because it was in the US in nine-packs and here in Canada we get 5-packs or 10-packs. And I've regretted passing on multipacks in the past, so the first instant I saw this one I scooped it up basically just for this car.

'70 Ford Escort RS1600
2017 Multipack Exclusive
I love the way this car is a throwback to simpler times. The picture doesn't do the yellow justice, it pops a lot more in the hand than it does here.

I think it might even be better than the red one we saw previously.


Neat Hot Rod

Now this is more my speed -- a car that is well engineered but not obscenely over-powered, designed with handling in mind. Also, it is small.
Honda S2000
2017 Multipack Exclusive
 The graphics on the side of the car are a bit much for my tastes, but apart from that it is well put together, the black striping complementing the teal exterior.

And yes it's another multipack exclusive. I seem to have a lot of those!


Pass On The Gasser

So this is the big, bad Gasser that everyone's all riled up about, hey? I said before that I didn't understand the attraction -- and I still don't. Personally I find these kinds of cars more than a bit ridiculous -- weird rakes, a totally flat and unaerodynamic front end, exposed engines, weird exhaust pipes... I don't get it.
'55 Chevy Bel Aire Gasser
2017 Mainline #109
2017 Multipack
This one came in another 10-pack I bought recently, but don't worry -- I won't make you suffer through all ten cars. Not all at once, anyways, since this new 10-pack has more "crap" than the previous one did.


Le Mans Week Closer

And we'll conclude our impromptu Le Mans week with this Porsche from the late 90's. This car has had a lot of care and attention paid to it, and the resulting details are very nice.
Porsche 911 GT1-98
2000 Mainline #250


Cadillac's Abortive Return

This open-cockpit LeMans sports-prototype represents GM's attempt to return to LeMans in 2000. At the end of 2002, the program was cancelled so that GM could concentrate on the Corvette program instead. This car is a descendant of the Riley & Scott sports prototypes of the late '90s.
Cadillac LMP
2001 Mainline #013


GT Predicessor

This is based on the Panoz GTR-1, a car which raced in the GT classes of Le Mans before the LMP-1 Roadster S program. As such it shares many styling elements.


Oldie Style Porsche

This car appears to be based on the '80s Le Mans Porsches, although for some reason it is wearing Chevrolet decoration. The rear hatch opens to reveal the motor assembly. The wing is a little on the thick side, but it is still a neat car.
Sol-Aire CX4
1998 Mainline #823


LMP Long Nose

For a while, LeMans LMP classes were open-cockpit roadster cars instead of the canopy cars that we see today. This led to some of the ridiculously long-nosed front-engined, rear-wheel-drive race cars like this one.
Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S
2003 Mainline 135


Le Mans

Here's a road-going version of the Le Mans race car by Mercedes. Apparently this is a real thing, where the race car was certified as road-worthy after the addition of signalling lights and some emissions pieces.
Mercedes CLK-LM
2000 Mainline #164
Anyways, since this is the Le Mans weekend, I thought this car would be appropriate. Unfortunately the glory days of 24-hour straight live coverage are gone -- although there is a streaming package that I subscribed to in the past -- I still hope to be able to see at least some of the race this year.


Mirror Graffiti

Mildly interesting how the "Graffiti Style" decorations on the side are a mirror image of the other side, so this is a "WH" instead of a "HW". I'll have the other color variation of this car up eventually too.
Super Tuned
2008 Mainline #074


Lime Hill Climb

The tampoing may be a little on the plain side -- the white gets a little lost in the lime green -- but overall this is a nice, discreet look.
Pikes Peak Celica
2008 Mainline #088


Yellow Racer

This electric yellow Ferrari 333 SP is very well executed, right down to the white spoke wheels.

Ferrari 333 SP
2007 Mainline #139


More Gorgeous Spectraflame

Because Spectraflame, that's why.

'70 Plymouth Superbird
HotWheels Classics Series 3 # 25

That is all.


#FerrariFriday Tribute

Ladies and gentlemen, for #FerrariFriday I present to you the 2010 Speed Machines Ferrari 575 GTC.
Ferrari 575 GTC
2010 Speed Machines
While not as rare as the Ferrari Racer, this car is somewhat hard to come by. I am extremely pleased to include one in my collection.

And I'm celebrating this #FerrariFriday by being in Montreal for the practice day for the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix.


Bat City

This is a custom Fandango that I bought on eBay about 15 or more years ago. It is a 2001 Mainline (First Editions) which has had the tampos removed and this new stenciling applied. It really is well done. At the time I'm sure the eBay listing explained what "Bat City" was, but as of today the Googles are silent on this matter. I'm sure eventually someone who is nostalgically Googling this club will encounter this page; maybe they'd be so kind as to let us know some of the information and history of the club.

Bat City Fandango
Bat City Hot Wheels Collectors Club Car

The Fandango is a super base for projects like this -- large amounts of relatively smooth surface upon which to put your decorations. I have at least one other custom based on a Fandango around here somewhere, although it is not nearly as well executed. I also have a Fandango of this type which has been stripped down to the zamac and was sold on eBay as a "Zamac" car. I think this was before Mattel was doing it, so it can't really be counted as a forgery, it is more a custom.


Title Bar

Well it's been almost two years, maybe we should look at the car in the blog titlebar, eh?

One of the types of cars I like is LeMans-style sports prototypes. And the best cars are always Ferraris, so combine the two and you have an amazing winner. 

Ferrari 333 SP
2004 Milestone Moments (Ferrari Hall Of Fame)
This car is from the 2004 Milestone Moments series, a premium series where the car came in a nice box and had a souvenir card that described this particular one. Since it is 2004, I've lost the card -- or at least I can't put my hands to it immediately -- so I can't tell you what is on it. But this seems to be one of those series that had only a brief run and then drowned back into obscurity, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of information on it.

This picture was picked because it was a nice photo of a nice car that survived being cropped down to make it fit the title bar. It may be time to update the title bar photo, but we'll leave well enough alone for now. 


Hello Half-Assed Week

OK so far the last two weeks have been really busy, so I have unfortunately caught up on my advanced-posted posts. So I'm going to have to reach into my stack of pre-taken photos to pad things out for a little while -- without having to take pictures these posts go up a lot faster.

To start, here's a favorite photo from 2001 -- the yellow Holden SS Commodore VT.

Holden SS Commodore VT
Mainline 2001-143


Monday Morning Martian

The third highlight from last week's mail call is this Spoiler Sport featuring Marvin The Martian. I'm pretty sure that this one was on the shelves in Canada, but I wasn't collecting Pop Culture stuff back then. Recently I've gotten more interested in these Spoiler Sport so I'm picking them up when the opportunity presents itself.

In this case, the tampo print is a straight-up mirror reflection of the opposite side.
Spoiler Sport
2013 Pop Culture

Copyright assertion is incredibly discreet. Hello, Fox, you listening? Warner Brothers? No? OK then.

As you can see in the close-up picture, there is a bit of rasterization in the tampoing, but overall the effect is extremely nice.


Ferrari Friday M

So it has been a while since #FerrariFriday, and this little beauty was burning a hole in my display shelving... so why not?

Ferrari 512 M
2006 Mainline #005
This one is just as nice as the blue one we looked at last time (ironically -- almost exactly a year ago).

Detail under the rear hood.



Next up in the eBay Bundle is this 2015 Pop Culture Star Wars Spoiler Sport. 

Spoiler Sport
2015 Pop Culture Star Wars
I have to admit -- after the two Star Trek cars, I was disappointed to find out that Darth Vader is almost exactly the same on either side. At least it isn't a mirror image.

The car itself is a nice build, and aside from some rasterization in the tampo the paint and decoration is right on, too. The wheels are perhaps a little more busy than I'd like; but it does make a good ensemble.

Note discreet copyright assertion on the back of the truck.