#8: Top Ten Things I Found in A Ten-Pack

If you missed yesterday, I've opened a 10-Pack from Walmart and ranked the cars inside according to my highly scientific methods, and I'll dribble them out one per day.

And here on day three, again we have a car which fell in the rankings once they were all carefully examined. This one isn't penalized for it's finish or details, both of which are better than merely adequate; no, this one's fall from grace is entirely due to something I can't illustrate here -- the roll quality is crap, because one of the axles isn't in properly.

It is also, improbably, described as being a "Multipack Exclusive". Remember that yesterdays blob of meh was also an "Exclusive".

As a toy car, though, it is almost nice enough to go looking for again just to have one that rolls nicely.

Scion FR-S
2016 Multipack Exclusive