Holy Trade Dress, Batman

Dear Mattel:

Stop with this (tm) shit:
TV Series Batmobile
2016 Mainline #226

Batman doesn't drive around with a (tm) mark next to his icon just so that everyone knows that his mark is trademarked. And just to make it clear, he definitely doesn't have the (tm) on both sides of his car:

This (tm) shit detracts from what is otherwise a very nice car, with the mix of semi-gloss black flames on a matte black finish, red pinstripe detailing, and nice wheels. Frankly if it didn't have (tm) on the sides, it might very well have become my new favorite. But it does. So it didn't.
Frankly this is especially ridiculous considering you still have the (c) and (tm) stamped on the base. Having the mark on the base is fine. It's discreet and the property is properly labelled.

Stop with this shit.