I like this Fugu-Z. Although the nose feels a bit long, overall the shape is much nicer than the nose on the Datsun 240Z casting. This, I think, better captures the spirit of the original car.

Custom Datsun 240Z
2017 Mainline #76

Nice details on the rear, too.


Keep On Rockin' The M4

Another excellent iteration of the M4. Only thing I'd complain about is the wheels, those J5 wheels don't do it for me. I would much rather have the PR5 wheels. But aside from that -- nice paint, nice details front and rear. We've had a bunch of these, and none of them have been given over to excessive graphics. Nice clean and neat, that's how I like my cars from the street.
2017 Mainline #154


Classic Star Trek Wagon

For some reason I also like the classic station wagons. I've been eyeing this Star Trek Pop Culture car since it has been dying on the pegs at Wal Mart over the last year, and for some reason in Cambridge I decided to pull the trigger on it. Maybe it is because of the GTO Redline I picked up.
'70 Chevelle Delivery
2016 Pop Culture - Star Trek
I am trying something different with some of the photos here, some of them work and some of them don't.

...plus the standard photos I've been taking. The lighting was a bit off for these.

...and don't forget to include standard rant about copyright trade dress here. <sigh>


Different Toyota

I didn't really intend for this blog to become the Hot Wheels Truck Channel (and I guess that it really isn't, but permit me my hyperbole) -- but this is a nifty little pickup. The chrome underside is a bit much -- but there's no getting away from it because it is seriously jacked up. I like the red finish.
1987 Toyota Pickup Truck
2017 Mainline #82


Sports Car Racing

Here's one I picked up while in Atlanta in March -- I pulled it because I liked it, I only discovered that it was a K-Mart Exclusive when I got back and looked it up.
Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR
2017 K-Mart Exclusive
Matte colors are hard to pull off with diecast because the tampos can get "fuzzy". This one sufferes a bit from uneven tampo application -- especially on the nose -- but it isn't terrible.


Yellow Rocket

Wow, with the exception of some complaining about (c) markings, this week has been a good one. We end with a rendering of the legendary Acura NSX. I like the black-on-yellow markings here, although the canopy details leave something to be desired.
'90 Acura NSX
2017 Mainline #004
...there's also paint damage on the passenger side of this particular car. No matter, it still looks great.

Nice details on the rear finish up this edition of this casting. The Hot Wheels designers are getting clever about how they extend their three or four parts to create contrast detail -- this one has the grey interior extended to make the exhaust pipes. The pinnacle example of this so far is the Ford Escort RS 1600, which has the front glass extended to make the "rally lights" and the chrome interior extended to make the bumpers.


Falken Turbo

This one is another mega model. Crisp blue, simple lines, enough detail to properly respect the source car, and good playability. Found this in a Dollarama out in Casselman.
Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
2016 Mainline #006


Furious Drift

...at least, I think this car came from the Drift edition of the franchise. File this one under "I'm not sure why I bought it, but it looks OK now that I have it."

The omnipresent (c) nonsense at least looks from a distance like it is the usual advertising crap you find on cars like this.


Rally Red

This is my favorite rendering of this casting so far. Bright red offset with sharp white decals and clean white rims. All that with rally lights and chrome bumpers too. This one may be one of my favorites for 2017 so far.

'70 Ford Escort RS 1600
2017 Mainline #185


Evolving Skyline

One of the other sites I follow pointed out that even though this skyline keeps getting released as part of the annual Fast & Furious set, it is actually changing year-to-year. This year, it has no blue striping on the nose that the last one had. And apparently the year before, the spoiler was black plastic, not molded into the body zamac.
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
2017 Fast & Furious

...and hey look, they even found a different way to fuck it up with their stupid copyright trade dress. Last year's was a far better way to get this done.



Another Atlanta acquisition, this is the highlight of the Redliners series, the only one I figured that I wanted. Like I said earlier, the Corvette was a reflex, bought because maybe I was afraid I wasn't going to find anything special on the trip -- it was day three and I had not found anything yet. This one came along on day four.

'68 Mercury Cougar
Car Culture - Redliners #1
In the hand it is even better than I thought it would be.It might be a little too wide for my tastes, but that's a nice change after sever cars that were too narrow.


I Seem To Be Accumulating A Lot Of These

Is three a lot? It feels like it. This one has a nice blue finish and good looking wheels. It is the non-treasure-hunt version of this car; the treasure hunt was somewhat rarer. This particular car came from a Dollar store two weeks ago, along with last week's Batmobile. The Dollar Store really does come through occasionally with cars that WalMart and ToysRUs missed for whatever reason.

Toyota Off-Road Truck
2016 Mainline #152