Green Surprise

So to my total surprise, I actually bought a car from the Camaro Fifty series, which is one of the probable-peg-warmer exclusive series that Walmart has for 2017. I fully expect this series to be the Mustang peg warmers that we saw all last summer -- and in some places, still see today. But I like this type of Camaro, although usually my tastes go more towards the Camaro Z28, a casting which dates back to the early '80s. Still, this one looks pretty good to my eye.
'82 Camaro
2017 Camaro Fifty #3
The orange track is something that'll get explained in the next week or two. But it makes for a nice color contrast picture.

This car has an actual interior, and the 3/4 front view is pretty faithful to the actual car's lines. I'm not a huge fan of the "power dome" hood ornament myself, but it looks OK here.

Still pretty surprised I bought it.