Extra: JDM Display Quadrant

Here's what one quarter of my home office display area currently looks like. The individual cars are swapped around, depending on what I've bought and what whims I have as far as favorites go; for example I doubt that few, if any, of the Datsun 620 trucks will last long, and neither will the 180SX. But they're up there now, so enjoy!


Bright Red

Another variation on the Toyota Off-Road Truck, this is a 2015 Mainline I found in my local Dollar store. Even though most of the stock they're working through is 2016, there are clearly still some older boxes back in inventory. Before I looked at the label I thought this was the color variation of the previous one we looked at.
Toyota Off-Road Truck
2015 Mainline #120
The red-chromed offroad tyres are a nice touch. Overall this one has done better than the last one, it doesn't have any evidence of being damaged in transit.


Green Surprise

So to my total surprise, I actually bought a car from the Camaro Fifty series, which is one of the probable-peg-warmer exclusive series that Walmart has for 2017. I fully expect this series to be the Mustang peg warmers that we saw all last summer -- and in some places, still see today. But I like this type of Camaro, although usually my tastes go more towards the Camaro Z28, a casting which dates back to the early '80s. Still, this one looks pretty good to my eye.
'82 Camaro
2017 Camaro Fifty #3
The orange track is something that'll get explained in the next week or two. But it makes for a nice color contrast picture.

This car has an actual interior, and the 3/4 front view is pretty faithful to the actual car's lines. I'm not a huge fan of the "power dome" hood ornament myself, but it looks OK here.

Still pretty surprised I bought it.



Another insta-buy: this Subaru WRX STi from the 2017 Fast & Furious set. I'm not sure which movie this is allegedly supposed to be from, but here we are.
Subaru WRX STI
2017 Fast & Furious #8

Color- and graphics-wise this isn't the best looking STi, but it is still pretty nice. It isn't the worst one in my collection either.

One thing this model does have going for it is that the obnoxious "copyright" notice on the side of the car is far more discreet than other versions have been. It is on the driver's side rear door along the bodywork crease, and I only noticed it when going through the photos. The Batmobile we looked at some time ago had the best way of doing copyright notices -- put them on the base.


Then There's This Thing

A lot of the recent offerings here have been thanks to the 2016 KMJ Diecast year-end 50% off sale. So I ordered a bunch of cars. Most of the time when I order from KMJ he throws in something random or fun as a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK). This was what I got this time, what appears to be a 1997 or 1998 Radio Flyer Wagon.

Mattel does some weird things, and this is right up there. I... really can't think of anything to say, except that this one is in excellent shape for a 1997 toy.

(This is what I got last time.)

But seriously, I can't recommend KMJ enough. Go sign up for his newsletter and he'll let you know when the deals are happening, he has coupons and events fairly frequently. Plus its fun to see what new stuff he's been getting in.


Be A Spoiler Sport

Here we have something pretty cool -- a Spoiler Sport re-issue from 2011. Spoiler Sports were always pretty popular with the kids, so having this brings back a lot of memories from when I was small. Of course the holy grail of Spoiler Sports is the one from the Golden Machines six-pack. I saw a Golden Machines six-pack on eBay about ten years ago and it went for around $80 at the time, which now I think is laughable. I should have bought it because I'll probably never see one again.

Spoiler Sport
2011 The Hot Ones

For whatever reason (ie the monkey holding the camera is an idiot) this model didn't photograph well and I was disappointed with practically all the photos that I took. These photos represent the best of the ones I took.

Update: Holy crap, there was one back on February 6th:

Unfortunately, for $200 I have to pass. But wow, that's unbelievable that its available at all.

While skimming through eBay I did see some examples that were less than total disasters, so it might be possible to get one for a reasonable price for the collection anyways. Also, I totally missed the Darth Vader and Marvin The Martian examples of this casting because usually I just ignore those kinds of thing. I really have to pay closer attention to them.


Lets Open Some Blister Packs, Part IV

So yeah, Friday was technically a blister pack even if it wasn't a very old one. Today we have something a little more esoteric, the Tyrrell P4. The Flying Customs seems to have been an attempt to capture the nostalgia of past times by using new castings of classic, or classic-style, cars.

Tyrrell P4
2013 Flying Customs

The P4 design hails from the 1976 Formula 1 World Championship, where the theory was that having four small wheels would give you the benefits of a larger contact patch as well as a lower profile aerodynamically. And in 1976 it worked wonderfully well. In 1977, the idea was let down by insufficient tyre development, and it was ultimately abandoned. Subsequently to 1977, the rules for F1 defined a "car" as having only four wheels, making further exploration of this idea impossible.

This casting was new for 2010 under the name Tyrrell P4 Six Wheeler, and I have both First Editions of this car around somewhere. There was also a Treasure Hunt in 2012 which of course I never saw. Other than that, this casting hasn't been used. As far as play value goes, the casting suffers from the small front wheels tending to wobble somewhat on their axles, probably due to their lesser width, so I could see this being more of a fringe collector's item rather than a child's favored toy.


SWAT Truck

Today we have another van, the Super Van no less. This one is from the 2014 Mainline series.

Unlike many examples of vans in the Hot Wheels line -- and indeed, the previous van we looked at -- this one isn't being used as a wild billboard full of garish color. This is more subdued, and I think it works better this way.


Let's Open Some Blister Packs, Part II

Today we have a car that I've been waiting for for a long time: the Mercedes CLK-LM from the 1999 First Editions series. This is one of those great Le Mans style sports-prototype racers that are not done in quite the same way any more. I have three other Mercedes CLK-LMs, which I think means I have a complete set -- and I do indeed have all four listed on CollectHW -- but really, this is the type of car I'd like to see more of, and I'd like to see more Le Mans sports prototypes in general.

Mercedes CLK-LM
1999, Collector #926

When I first got into this hobby in 2001, there were still some 1999/2000 series cars floating around here and there and I believe I actually saw one of these on the pegs before I decided I wanted it; since then all I saw were the other recolor releases. When the opportunity to get some half-price goodness at KMJ came up, it was the perfect opportunity to get something I've wanted for a while.

Some of these photos worked out really well. I was experimenting a bit with the lighting, and it seems to have emphasized the gold lace wheels in a way I've not see before. Really pleased with this car.

It's hard to see here, but the rear spoiler is, in fact, crooked.


Let's Open Some Blister Packs

So for the next few postings, I have some blister packs that I'm going to open, for no better reason than I want to. Today we're starting with the 2013 Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

There have been a lot of Skylines on this blog recently, and the reason for that is that I like them. The idea of the Skyline appeals to me, an AWD car with a ridiculous amount of power that maybe doesn't look any more threatening than a slightly riced-up Civic. Then in my first real "video game", Grand Turismo 2, I spent a lot of time with the Skylines of varying types, again just because I liked them.

This one has the metal spoiler and nice detailing on the rear, even if it does look like the tampo machine missed a bit.

...and finally, if you simply must drape your stupid copyright notice on a toy car, this is the best way to do it.


Something Different: Kid's Play Bin

So back in July when I had some copious spare time -- Jenn was away for a week and I was doing kid patrol, so I took the week off from work -- one morning I got out the kid's bin full of Hot Wheels and spread them out. And it turns out they have a lot of them:

There are some that originated in my collection and were swiped by one kid or another for use downstairs. A few of them, like the red Fire Eater below, actually date back to either Jenn's or my childhood.

For the most part I keep the Kids cars separate from my cars, however occasionally I'll steal a car or two -- most of the time I'm stealing it back. For example, the two Hyper Liners below have been swiped and are safe up in my bin-o-randos -- and I don't feel bad because both of them were swiped from me in the first place.

So since Daddy is a Hot Wheels snob, most of the cars are in fact Hot Wheels, but now that the kids are buying their own toys there are some matchbox and some other randos in there.

Aaaand the mandatory collection of Disney Cars merchandise...