Snow Stormers

So brand new five-pack, probably for 2017, featuring these things,

...and these things. Lotta fancy fantasy stuff that I really don't care about. So why buy it?

Because the real point of the 5-pack is this, the Escort Rally, seen here with the 2005 Hot Wheels Racing Team incarnation. This is a retool of the casting, without the upper spoiler and with a more traditional deck spoiler on the rear lid.

The older casting is nice, but clearly wasn't popular with Mattel -- probably for parts-count or manufacturing costs reasons -- and we have not seen it since 2011. The new one is really nice, and the coloring -- described on the wiki as Satin Blue -- really really looks good.

Looking at the rear you can see the details have changed, simplified a bit, but still really nice.

This car is definitely a a winner. This is the first appearance for this re-tool and I hope there are many more.