Track Day Part 2: Hauling Ass

If you are going to haul ass, you might as well have an ass worth hauling.

This is the Track Day series '78 Porsche 935. I bought it because it intrigues me, and I already had the Porsche series example of this car (which has the casting name of Porsche 935-78), but this particular one turned into an unexpected delight.

This car looks like a race car, and that's because it in fact actually is a race car, not just a car that was designed for racing, re-designed for the street, and then retro-modded back into a track car. It has serious aero in the form of the deep nose, long fender flairs feeding back smoothing into a long rear, which itself houses a gigantic diffuser.

But what makes this car a delight is the paint. I love the "Metallic Red" as its called, and the detail work with the white and blue down the sides is perfect, neither too much nor too little.

In a perfect world I probably wouldn't do gold lace wheels on this car, but even so they don't detract from the car's look.