Is 2009 "Retro" Already?

So today we have the "Retro Entertainment 2016 - Grand Turismo" series car, the 2009 Nissan GT-R. I'm not sure what is "retro" about that statement, 2009 wasn't that long ago, and while Grand Turismo has gone through a few iterations, there can't have been too many of them including the '09 GT-R. I guess this is Internet retro, where anything that's scrolled off the front page of your favorite aggregator is ancient history. Kids these days have the collective memories of a squirrel.

But here we are. Generally this casting isn't highly thought of in the collector circles, there being far superior offerings from other die-cast makers, especially those in Japan. Still, this captures the essence of the car, and in a mainline would be well-enough designed for good play value. The problem is that without the premium paint and the detailed tampo work, this car is a pretty bland offering, so while the car would run the track well and survive play in good shape, it probably wouldn't be attractive to anyone to pick up and play with.
Still, the detail is nice to look at. I like the silver-rimed wheels and the paintwork along the lower running boards, and the "boy racer" decals that cover the car from front to back.

Mine has a detail in the rear window that I can't explain. It almost looks like it is intentional, with the hints of a crossing-swoop in the fuzz, but the rest of the block makes it look like a manufacturing flaw.