Red Sunday

Another impulsive visit to WalMart, this time at Centrum, and I find some more cars I wanted.

This is the Subaru WRX STI, I really thought I had this one already somehow but when I checked my collection in the store it said I didn't; and digging through the actual cars once I got home showed that no, I didn't actually have it. I like the red. I don't like the tampo, it seems a bit busy for my tastes. Also this one seems to have extra-wide axles, the wheels pop out of the fenders with very little deflection on them, almost to a cartoonish extent.

Next we have a 1985 Honda CR-X, the second recolor of our September 24th hawl. Unlike the BMW recolor I like this one over the first version I got.

...and speaking of the September 24th hawl, I do know that there is a recolor of the third car, the Escort, which I am also looking for. However right now most of my haunts are drowning in the 2015 colorings of that casting. Still hoping, though.