Well, I was rewarded for my persistence today, I was back in the Centrum Plaza at lunch time looking for cat food -- we've run out of the food Ceili likes, and I can't find it anywhere, so we're trying something else new -- and decided that instead of a "nice" lunch, I'd take a quick lunch at Pizza Pizza and then check out Wal-Mart on the off chance that the Trucks had been refreshed. And lucky me, they had. I got the one I wanted.

Overall this silver/zamac coloring isn't one of my favorites, the Cool Classics Brat has a nicer finish. But this one has nice Real Rider tires and painted tail lights, so overall I'd say they were a wash when compared to each other.

Really happy with this one. I'm not sure I'll buy the Datsun 620 truck if I ever see it, I'll have to decide once I actually have the blister in-hand. The other three trucks from this series don't interest me personally either.

Wal-Mart had obviously topped up the mainline pegs with a new case, there were a bunch of the Lamborghinis that I didn't like last time there as well as some of the other newer castings I saw on Saturday at Toys'R'Us. Most of the deeper peg cars were still the same old ones I've been staring at for a month, though.

So: bring on the Track Day cars!