Mail Call

Thanks to my supplier at KMJ Diecast who hooked me up again. I complain about the shipping costs, but for some reason I keep going back. This is today's goodies:

Two of the Subarus are K-Day cars, the yellow Brat and the Black STI, and since I live in Canada I'll never ever see those in the wild. The other STI I frankly thought I had already had, but I can't find it in either my collection or the kid's pile of cars, so I threw it in to my order. Finally there's the Sinister Six Fandango. Usually I just skate over these silly series cars, but since the Fandango is a casting I collect, I decided I had to have it. The prices were right too.

We'll almost certainly DLM everything except maybe the yellow Brat. I have four carded Brats, and this is one I'm not likely to get a second one of. 

Just like last time, KMJ threw in a little extra. Last time it was a Free! and this time it is a RAOK, which stands for Random Act Of Kindness. 

The back of the card says:

This RAOK now belongs to you, you can do whatever you choose with it. I hope that you will keep it & enjoy it for a long time. I also home you will be able to pass on a RAOK to someone you see fit to receive it. My friend Karl Klouzer dyed this Hot Wheels, there is no two exactly alike. Happy Hot Wheels Hunting!

The car itself is a Scion FR-S Hot Wheels, looks like it is wearing the 2014 tampos. I've looked at FR-S castings on the hooks and for some reason always passed; now that I actually have one, I'm less ambivalent about it.