Fresh-ish Dump Bins

So a Saturday run to WalMart Bayshore bore some unexpected fruit: a pair of dump bins that were reasonably fresh. I'm sure all the Treasure Hunts were pulled out already -- not that I'd be able to tell you which ones from this batch were the Treasure Hunts -- but there were a bunch of them that I was looking for.

First up is this Ford Focus RS. This is the new "halo" car for the Ford line, and it looks pretty good as a diecast, even if it does feel excessively plasticky. It reminds me of the Mazda 3 Sport that I drive every day, and the color is even close. So it is about as close as I'm ever going to get to having a diecast car of the one I drive.

Not sure what was happening with the white balance here, let's just call it the Tanning Booth Filter.

Next on our list of Suburban Street Heat we have the Honda Oddysey, or as I call it, the Honda Hearse -- because the real ones look like super-hearses when they are done up in the dark colors and tinted back windows. I have no idea why this is a popular casting. I also have no idea why I wanted it from the moment I first saw it, either, but the two things must be related.

Nice interior on this one too, even if we have to go back to the tanning booth to see it. I changed the bulbs in my photo set up back to incandescents from LEDs because I found the LEDs were creating a kind of strobe effect when I took pictures -- one that was only really visible when you looked at all the candidate pictures and scrolled through them, the background would strobe a bit. I'm just guessing that these are "warm" color bulbs rather than "white" color bulbs and that might be my problem. Of course, where I'm going to find white incandescent bulbs in post-2012 Ontario though I don't know...

The third car is a bit more exotic, another BMW 2002. This is a recolor of the white one we saw earlier. Personally I think the white one looks better.

And finally for today, the Renault Sport R.S. 01. This is perhaps more realistic than the yellow one (which I see didn't get posted when I got it). It has some of the wild-and-crazy-guy type stuff that I don't like about Lamborghinis, but it's OK on this car because it is a real race car, not some rich-fart-mobile.

I suspect that there won't be much more before the end of the year, I try to slow down buying things before Christmas. I also looked at the rest of this year's cars and I'm not sure that there's much from this year that I don't already have.