DLM Blizzard

Yep, that didn't take long at all. I may be weak, but I own being weak.

First off is one that's been on my desk since Monday, when I went to the ophthalmologist.  I had one of the arms of my sunglasses fall off due to a lost screw, and in doing my research I saw that it was over three years since I'd been to have my eyes looked at. Anyways, the eye doctor was at Bayshore, where there is a Walmart, and I picked this pretentiously named Custom '01 Acura Integra GSR.

For such a pretentious name, we have a pretty blah and meh looking model. There are nice details that I didn't notice in the blister, the painted head and tail lights plus the trunk logo. The white paint ends up looking a little dingy rather than elegant, and the absence of tampos is not a plus. Overall it isn't a good look, although the casting is better than I thought it would be.

Next are the mail-call cars from Thursday. This is a Subaru WRX STI, one that I already had but have been unable to find in either my stash of cars or the kid's pile.

The blue is very nice here, reminiscent of the 555 WRC livery, and the style of the tampos plays in to that kind of style as well. The white wire wheels work well here as well.

The next Subaru WRX STI is the K-Day car from this year. Since I live in Canada, the odds of me finding this car in the wild was exactly zero and this, plus the yellow Brat I ordered, was the main reason for making the order in the first place.

Flat black isn't the best of colors for a casting; flat colours in general don't seem to work well on these toys. I only have one or two other flat colour finishes that I can think of, and I don't particularly like them either. The gold wire wheels are a nice touch, they are set off well against the color. All in all, though, the red example of this car is superior to this one.

And finally for today we have the Spider-man series Sinister Six Fandango. This is another one I can't count on finding on the pegs. The colouring works well on this car and I like the metallic-blue wheels.

So far I have decided against opening the yellow Brat. I am unlikely to find a second one unless I specifically buy it, and opening things is a one-way street. So for now it is going to stay in the package.