Curling Season Starts With Two Wins

So it's that time of year again when we haul out the brooms and sliders and make our way back to the rink. Today's excursion yielded a win, despite my best efforts at mediocre play, but more relevantly it provided an excuse to stop at the Toys 'R Us at St Laurent mall. The store had an odd assortment of cars, ranging from peg warmers that were old the last time I was out here in early summer to the latest cars from the latest case -- for example, the Porsche below is I'm pretty sure from the fresh batch.

So here's what I came away with:

Finding the Retro Entertainment cars are very hit-or-miss here in Ottawa. We do clearly get some cases, but the desirable cars fly off the shelves while the pegwarmers stick around for ever. Personally the only one from this mix/series I was looking for was the Skyline GT-R, but when I saw this one on the pegs I had to consider it on the grounds that I'd probably never see it again if I passed it up.

Similarly the Car Culture Trucks series I've seen three of the five castings so far at the two Walmarts that I stalk, but neither the one I'd definitely buy (the Subaru Brat) nor the one I might consider (the Volkswagen).

Even when holding it I wasn't sure about the yellow Lambourghini, but the aero bits and shark fin sold it for me. I got the second Lamborghini so that the first one wouldn't feel lonely. And the bright red Porsche was a no-brainer.

Of course they all got opened:

The Lamborghini Veneo is a Retro Entertainment car in the nice (immediately discarded) packaging. It has a bright paint color, a metal base, and Real Rider wheels. Normally I don't like Lamborghinis, I think they are trying too hard to be "that wild and crazy car company" putting out ever more elaborate aero packages and powerful motors and trick all-wheel-drive systems. But all together this car works for me, the yellow takes the edge off of the angular harsh craziness. Real Rider tires almost always add to rather than subtract from a premium car, and the gold chrome on the weels just set everything off perfectly. And because it is a premium car, it feels great in the hand.

It has actually been promoted to the over-the-desk shelf.

#2 for today's haul is the red Porsche 911 GT3 RS. This is a re-casting of the other 911 GT3 RS that we looked at in comparison with the Majorette offering. This casting is better than the older one, even the over-the-top wing is rendered better here than it was on the older car. In a premium model this casting will kick some serious ass. Even so as a mainliner, it sits extremely well when compared to the previous generation.

Finally, the pity-Lamborghini, which comes with the ridiculous name of "Lamborghini Hurican LP 620-2 Super Trofeo". Just add a "WTFBBQ Turbo" on the back of this and the name would be complete. This car embodies everything I don't like about the marque. Excessive aero, monster wings, fenders and vents and scoops, presumtuously-self-important name, and all that. Even though it manages to look a bit plain -- especially from the engine cover back -- when compared to the Veneo above, it still manages to project that "brutalist" styling cue that I dislike. So while I am surprised that I like the Veneo, I am not surprised that I don't like this one.