Instant Winner

You know, there are nice models and then there are really nice models. This is one of the latter, and I'm so pleased with it that I'm going to leave the pictures at the larger size. We looked at the yellow one before when I was showing some of the cars from my desk at work. That was a mighty model, but this one is even better. Let's just start with the front 3/4 view. As fine as this car looks in yellow, this red just suits that car even more. We also see the detail in the headlight tamp, and the mandatory Ferrari badge on the nose.

Ferrari F12berlinetta
2013 Mainline #174

Looking at the rear gate, we can see the paint has been done to great effect -- I don't know if this was deliberate care or if this casting -- or this individual toy! -- received an unusual level of attention and precision. Whatever the cause, the paint is fantastic, as is the Ferrari logo detailed on the rear lift.

And we can't discuss good looks without looking at the car's profile.

But it is in the close-up detail of the side that the attention has been shown. Another Ferrari badge. A highly-rendered Pinafarina signature mark. And the red dot indicates the fender-mounted turn signal that is on the original, matched by the grey dot for the key hole under the door handle.

This car is an instant favorite. I'm looking up over my desk to see if there's room -- and there isn't, presently -- so I have to decide if it is worthy, and if so, what of the over-desk toys is less worthy.