Grab Bag Fire Truck

Yep, Grab Bag time again, and this time we pull a slightly worn Old Number 5. According to the CollectHW page, the interior colors and wheel types mean this is one that dates back to 1981 or 1982, in which case it is in pretty exceptional shape.

Old Number 5
1981/82 Mainline 
I was thinking that this was one I bought in the early '00s when I was less discriminating, but clearly not according to the reference site. This must be one that came from the flea market vendor. In any case, if I did have a newer one, the kids have probably scooped it up for their bin. (One day we should take a few random dips from their bin, just to see what's in there.)

Overall though I'm not a fan of ye olde style cars, so this one doesn't do anything for me.