First Of Many

This casting is probably one of the more plentiful Ferraris from the last few years -- it seems to me like I always have a metric ton of them. Some are gaudy, some are boring, some are interesting, and some just... are. This silver Ferrari 458 is blessed with the Faster Than Ever wheels, something which I keep meaning to do some kind of half-assed study about.

Ferrari 458 Italia
2011 Mainline # 006
I'm sort of torn on this one, because the quasi-flaked silver paint hides a lot of the details in the casting. At the same time, the result is something that is eye-catchingly different, even if it is in a pedestrian way. Like I said, conflicted.

The CollectHW site lists nine of these castings, and that sort of lines up with what I think I have, so this is the first of many #FerrariFriday posts to feature this car. (I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet, we'll have to see how the rest of the cars come out.)