Batman LIVE Batmobile

Well, he says, we haven't opened a Batmobile in some time, why not open a crappy one? So I did.
Batman Live Batmobile
2014 75 Years of Batman #1
I understand from the wiki that there was a live stage show for Batman at some point which included a prop car dressed like this. And frankly that explains the boring lines -- this is something that was fabricated for the show.  As a result you can see how the design lends itself to being light, easy to make, and has lots of places for the cast members to stand around it to push it around the stage. It even has skinny wheels which add to the suggestion that it is merely a prop. Because this one is a semi-premium car, it is well finished with metalflake-black and the chrome-rimmed wheels. So it is a decently made model of a not very interesting car.