Strange Little Space Ship

Ah, the early '80s. When rallying was rallying and the rules were bonkers. Just ahead of the 4WD revolution that would sweep the sport there was a racing division called Group B. In this group the rules were suitably relaxed that you could pretty much do what you want, as long as you had produced 200 examples of the car you were racing. Such were the rules that manufacturers found it cost-effective to make 200 examples of such strange little vehicles like today's Lancia Stratos, and then immediately break 30 or 40 of them up for spares for the racing team. The rest would be sold to unsuspecting members of the public, who would either destroy them in spectacular road accidents or hide them away in vaults never to be seen again.
Lancia Stratos
2002 Mainline #37
This is a mid-engined, ultra-short-wheelbase RWD car, typical of the sports cars of the time. The theory behind the design was that if you could turn the car quickly, you could get on the power sooner. So these short-wheelbase cars were exceptionally nimble, to the point of being twitchy.

This is a First Editions variant with the gold PR5 wheels. It has the italian flag painted on it color-wise, as is only fitting given its history. It is also well suited to robust play, having a high nose and exceptionally short tail overhang. I have to say that this isn't my favorite casting, by far, but getting the chance to look at it closely has been worth it.

(You can also see some damage either from the Grab Bin or from play.)

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