Split Hare

Toys'R'Us in Ottawa still has a pile of these Real Rider Heritage Series cars, most of which are unattractive fantasy car offerings.  However this week I picked up what looked to be the last of the Hare Splitters.
Hare Splitter
2015 Heritage Series - Real Riders
It seems a little ridiculous to paint up a rally car with grocery-getter colors, especially for an allegedly premium offering. The whole thing feels more than just a little off, and the more I look at it the less I like it.

But the main reason for my disappointment is the front axle being bent in the packaging. I'd have to take this thing apart and straighten the axle manually to fix it properly. And I'm not going to do that -- A) because I'm lazy and B) because I know I don't have the skills to make a very good job of it.

Lame Rabbit
 Nice profile, though.