Yellow Friday

So we've inadvertently had two themes going, neither of which was deliberate: all three cars have been yellow, and all three cars have been from the year 2000. Statistically the latter was always goign to happen sometime because I collected with less consideration when I started out in 2000 and 2001. Now I have satisfied my need for "quantity", and I can can focus on the quality of my additions, and they've dropped off as the years have gone on.

I can't explain the yellow -- I did deliberately pick Monday's and today's cars, but the yellow thing didn't poke me in the face until I was looking at all of this week's photos together.

Anyways, for Ferrari Friday we have a Ferrari F355 Challenge car. This is my favorite casting of the F355 family, and this example is my favorite of this casting. This is because it is done up like a proper race car, with numbers and sponsors and gaudy race paint.

Ferrari F355 Challenge
2000 Mainline #162
Design-wise, this was one of Ferrari's last of the '80s designs of mostly straight lines, although we all through it was exotically curvy and sexy at the time.

Overall this is a simple design that results in a visually recognizable toy that is still suitable for robust track play. Sometimes, less is more. And because I have a few other examples of this casting, I'm sure we'll see it again.

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