Yellow Dip

Back to the grab bag today, and I'm feeling better about the Grab Bag idea. This one is a Pro-Stock Firebird from the year 2000, the year it premiered. I may have another example of this casting somewhere in the grab bag, and if so it will surface in due course.

Looking at the car now, I'm kind of 'meh' about it. I'm not really a fan of dragsters in general. I do like some of the oldie-style big muscle cars from the late '60s but in general this kind of car doesn't do it for me.
Pro Stock Firebird
2000 Mainline #64

This casting does have one of the more interesting undersides, though. There's probably a whole scholarly discussion in the undersides of diecast cars.

And it does have a nice 3/4-rear profile.

(The title strikes me as being perhaps obscure for North American audiences -- the British refer to a Grab Bag type of thing as a Lucky Dip.)