Weekend Rambling: External Linkage

So this week something different happened. I received an email from one of the staffers at HobbyDB who had found my blog due to my previous rantage about high purchase prices for Canadian buyers. He commiserated with me over the sad state of cross-border diecast shopping, and then he asked me if I was interested in adding links to this blog from the HobbyDB entries for particular castings. He also suggested that if I wanted I could back-link to HobbyDB pages.

You've probably noticed the big HobbyDB and CollectHW icons on the right side there, they were something that I was going to do anyways as a sort of general-purpose link to more comprehensive sites. The wiki because it is the go-to expert information location on the web; HobbyDB because they are big and have traction and have a lot of endorsement from people I respect on the net; and CollectHW because I actually use them.

I've talked about HobbyDB in the past (and again, and again) and every time I try to like them and every time something just doesn't fit with the way my brain works. Take the Ferrari post below. I wanted to find the page for the F355 Challenge, so I type 'F355 Challenge' into the search box. You click on the "23 variants", and get a page that lists your options like this:

Now don't ask me why this makes my brain freeze but it does. I'm sort of expecting to go from the number of variants right to a listing of those variants. And that's why I like CollectHW, because that's exactly what it does. I can plug in anything I know about the car and the search field auto-fills if it knows about it -- including the Toy Numbers. This is incredibly useful when seeking out information about what you already own when you are in a store. Punch in the Toy Number, and you quickly get a yes/no answer.

I kinda got off on a rant here, and I'm sorry because as you can see by my first link these HobbyDB guys have been at this a long time, since 2009. They've stuck with it and done a lot of work and they've interacted with everybody who's had comment or criticism, including me all three times I linked above. And people like Lamley or KMJ or South Texas -- none of these people/organizations are idiots, and they all think that HobbyDB is great.

My brain just works differently, I guess.

But anyways, the entire point of this article, which got away from me, is this -- I'm going to put the HobbyDB and CollectHW links into each article for the next little while. I'm not sure if I'll go back after the fact and back-link from HobbyDB to me, again I'll probably do it for the next little while and I'll see if it too much work (ie: too much not as much fun as taking pictures and manipulating toy cars). And we'll take it from there.

My gut suspicion is that me doing this is of more benefit to them than it is to me, since my inbound links help boost their search engine rep. On the other hand, I'm nobody and any help is good help. On the third hand, I'm doing this because it is fun and not for any other reason,

But any readers with thoughts can hit me up on Twitter, Reddit, or email if you have any ideas one way or another.