The Pool Repairman's Ride

Back to the big random box of toys, and today we draw an example of what the Australians today call a "Ute", basically a two-seater car with a pickup rear. In North America we called them the Pool Repairman's Ride, mostly because those seemed to be the only people who ever bought one.
'68 El Camino
1999 Mainline # 246
Yep, there's no substitute for cubic inches, especially when you can put 'em all in the back of your truckette. I think this casting is supposed to have a sense of humor. I picked this up in 2001 from a now long gone Zellers on Sparks Street, and I'm amazed I remember that.

Interesting -- ? -- is that there isn't a Hot Wheels logo on the driver's side, only on the passenger side, which was the one facing out in the packaging. The car does have some nice details, I do like the SS on the tailgate that is part of the actual casting.

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