Sorta Holiday Car

Today in Canada it is Victoria Day, where we celebrate the birth of Queen Victoria with a holiday that slides around May such that it always falls on a Monday. In Ontario, this is known more traditionally as the May 2-4 weekend, when people go up to the cottage and drink beer. Well, those who have cottages do, or know people with cottages do, I guess. Having a cottage seems very upper-middle-class to me. 

Excuse me, I think I got distracted.

Anyways I don't have a suitable Queen Victoria Day car, but since it is a holiday I thought I'd open one of the special cars I'd been holding back for a while. And here it is: the '85 Honda CR-X.

'85 Honda CR-X
2014 Cool Classics Series 2, #11
This casting is interesting because the body is actually two pieces. If you look, the "two-tone" separation down the waist of the car is where the two pieces come together. The gaps between them allow the typical '85 Civic nose to be completed with the windshield piece.

I had personal experience with Civics of this generation. My family owned a '85 4-door which was purchased from new, and then when I went to college I found the money to buy a used '86 4-door for myself, something I drove for two years until I got my first "real job" and could buy a "real car". The CRX was the sportscar version of the Civic line, and of course all teenaged/early-20's Civic drivers would have rather have had that instead of whatever one they ended up with. So this car is a bit of personal nostalga for me.

Unlike the production car, this model has the engine in the rear. There's some nice detail there. There's nice details everywhere on this car, a lot of care was put into its design.

Some SpectraFrost paint hanging on to the rivet holding the back together, I didn't notice that until I was looking at the photos.

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