Plastic Wrap

Sometimes you build up expectations beyond what they should really be and you set yourself up for disappointment. Personally I'm not sure if today's #FerrariFriday car is an example of that, or if this car is just... disappointing. Yes, I'm talking about the Ferrari FF.

Ferrari FF
2011 Mainline #045
On paper this car is the ultimate Ferrari for me. Four seats, all-wheel-drive, a ridiculous technological component (I speak here of the separate transmission that drives the front wheels, and doesn't drive the front wheels at all in top gear -- the car reverts to a rear-wheel-drive format). All that plus a Ferrari badge and a body which isn't half bad to look at. Since 2011 I've had two of these in their blisters, waiting the day when they could be released and examined. And I did just that for today's post.

There is immediate -- and I mean instant -- disappointment with the model, which I'll get to in a moment. First though let's look at the car's profile and admire the clean, flowing lines from the front to the rear. The extended roof line to accommodate the rear seats looks odd for a Ferrari, where the two-seat layout with a flat deck or long hatch is more common. But I still think it looks nice.

The nose has restrained styling with light creases in the hood to suggest the more wild lines of other, wilder Ferraris. There is good attention to details in the brake vents, front grill, and the intricate headlight tampo. 

However let's get back to the disappointment. This car feels like it is 100% plastic, and I don't mean the thick kind either. It is incredibly light and flimsy feeling. Even the body shell is plastic. It looks like Mattel didn't pass up any opportunity for weight savings with this car, with the bottom attached to the top of the car with a plastic wedge through the "license plate" area instead of a rivet. This is a gorgeous car to look at -- except from the back -- but in the hand, it just doesn't feel like a toy that would last long in the real word.

I have two more of these cars, the silver one in the blister and a white one in a 5-pack. While I have plans to open the 5-packs in the future, I may pass on opening the silver one just to avoid more disappointment.

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