Back to the slightly weird and wonderful for the Grab Bag of the week: the Flight '03. We'll see more "fantasy" cars in the grab bag than we will the rest of the time because most of my preferences lean towards the licensed cars rather than the fantasy cars. Many of the older cars I have, which came either from the flea-market purchase or from when I was less discriminating in what I purchased, are of the fantasy type, but currently I don't buy many of them.

Flight '03
2003 Mainline #31
This one takes its inspiration from the late '90s hot-hatch market and then ups the wild factor with ridiculous aerodynamic pieces. One wonders if the car could possibly have enough power to make carrying all that downforce around worth while.

The back of the car is especially nuts, with fenders flowing into rear spoilers, a roof wing, and some kind of strange ground-effects diffuser thing going on.

Overall though I like the effect. It might look better with less wild paint and more subdued colour choice, but frankly I doubt it.

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