Euro Police Pursuit

Hot off the shelves -- and I mean hot, I purchased this car only on Friday -- comes one of the next Hot Wheels Car Culture series, Euro Style. When I was in the Centrum WalMart on Friday, they had this little one left, nothing else, the rest of the Euro Style cars were all gone.

'92 BMW M3
2016 Car Culture - Euro Style 
White cars don't photograph well in my set up and that's something I'll have to work on.

This is a nice car in the hand and on the desk, it's only when you look closely at it that there start to be problems.

Now I don't know if this is typical of this release, or this series, or if I got unlucky because this was literally the last car of this series on the pegs after they were first released, but I'm disappointed in the finish of this car. The nose paint is either bad or highlights a poor casting model; the nose tampo looks -- frankly -- 1/3rd-assed (ie not even half-assed); and there are little chips in the paint on the side and rear of the car. These are all things you just don't think about being acceptable in a $5 car, when frankly the $1 cars have on average better fit and finish.

The lack of attention to detail kind of spoils my enthusiasm for the series, and instead of being an automatic buy I'll be examining future cars in this series far more closely than I otherwise might have. Of the rest of the series cars, I'm interested in the two Porsches but like I said -- I may pass on them if they don't meet the standard.

This car is so new that there are no pages for it on any of the usual sites. There isn't even any consensus as to what the name of the wheel type is -- the wiki calls them Red LW /RR?  which is weird because mine are chrome rims; HobbyDB offered me MCRR when I submitted the car to it. I've submitted for CollectHW and HobbyDB, we'll see how that experience goes.