Colour Shifter Fun

No, my auto correct isn't broken, this is in fact a 2014 Colour Shifter Fandango. See? It's spelled out on the card and everything. Take that, America.

2014 Color Shifters
The Fandango is another of those castings I can't explain my attraction to. I never particularly liked vans, or SUVs, or trucks in anything more than a passing way. But something about this casting speaks to me, and I have a whole pile of them.

This one is an international-card Colour Shifter car that I bought out of a sense of completionism. As you can see, it was only removed from its packaging today. For some reason, I was more reluctant to open the rarer cars -- this one is apparently rare enough that it doesn't appear in the Hot Wheels Wikia page for the Fandango. CollectHW didn't have one listed, and the HobbyDB one listed appears to be an old listing of mine that I created during one of my previous attempts at using that particular site.

When I end up with a car that is apparently rare (thank you Wal-Mart), I seriously have to wonder what else is unlisted, waiting out there that I know nothing about.

But this is a colour shifter, right? So let's have some fun with it.

After two minutes in the sink, I discovered that the dark green is the "cool" colour, and the lime green is the "warm" color. I wanted to show the contrast, so I "warmed" the whole car, then let cold water wash over the nose. The resulting pattern is neat, and shows off the details of the nose.

Anyways, like I said I have a whole pile of these casting, so we will undoubtedly see more in the future.

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