Truck Week: Arrrgh

So here's another Ford Transit Super Van, this one from the Car Culture Cargo Carriers series.

Ford Transit Super Van
2018 Car Culture -- Cargo Carriers #2
So why "arrgh"? Well I bought it because it was the first Cargo Carriers car I saw. Now that I have it I am glad to have it, but I did come home with it feeling a little like I'd just bought something because I wanted to buy something.

Tampo detail on the front, top, back and sides. Nice and crisp. Not sure about the orange wheels -- although I've seen a custom re-wheel on Reddit and it didn't look better with chrome wheels.

So is it worthy? Right now I have the Ralf McQuarrie Super Van -- which is another premium casting -- up on the wall. And while this Cargo Carriers one is arguably better in almost every way, I hesitate to replace the older one. I think I will try the change and see if I miss the older one.