Blue Streak

Another recolor of a first editions race car casting. This is a fantastic way to end the week.

'16 Mercedes-AMG GT3
2018 Mainline #196
I like: the color scheme is mega here. The blue body with the yellow rims, then the colored racing stripes down the side. Win all around.

I don't like: the win doesn't extend to the top of the cab, though, since mine has somehow accumulated red scratch marks. I have no idea where they would have come from, there's very little red on the casting. And yes, it came out of the blister like this.

Soooo.... worthy? Ah -- the first tough decision of the week. While yes, I'd love to have it up on the wall, picking what has to come down to make room for it isn't easy. After a couple days (!) of thinking about it I finally swapped out the Matchbox BMW 5 police car to make room for this one.