Roll On Minivan

This was something unexpected. I didn't think that the Honda Anniversary series would make it to Canada, but here it is in the Walmarts. Undoubtedly it will either become one of this year's peg-warmer special-series like the Camaro series, or its label will merely adorn empty pegs.

Yeah, I guess there really isn't any in-between there so this isn't exactly a good prediction. Whatever.

Honda Odyssey
2018 Honda 70th Anniversary #8
What is exactly good is this rendering of the Odyssey -- this is the best one so far I've held in my hands. I understand that the Car Culture - Cargo Carriers (now there's some alliteration for you) version is re-tooled, so we'll have to see if/when it gets to me. But for now, this is what the Odyssey wanted to be all along:

Crisp and and neat, simple and restrained wheels, and no extraneous graphics like the two previous versions had (although don't get me wrong, both of those work very well for what they are). If there is a complaint it is that the tinted windows are too tinted to show off the beauty of the inside stamping.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Yes, absolutely, it is displacing the 2016 first editions car.