Matchbox In A Matchbox

Matchbox has this gimick right now where they sell cars that are actually in small cardboard boxes. The cars themselves appear to be from middle of last year, and for some reason are more expensive than the blister packs are, but they are a different way of presenting the car. I picked this Volkswagen GTI so that I could have a look at one of these, partially because it was really the only car that appealed to me at all from the picked-over case that was there, and partially because one of my sons is on a Volkswagen kick right now and I knew he'd like it even if I didn't.

Volkswagen GTI
Matchbox #118
So normally with Matchbox when you get into real licensed cars you get a fairly realistic rendering. This one might be considered fairly realistic, but it ends up being rather boring in my view. Some of the details are nice, like the gap where the plastic bumper assembly is joined up with the body of the car, and the red-rimmed wheels are nice, but there's something about the nose that just turns me off this model.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? No. No, it is not.