Simple Delivery Truck

This is a result of my recent expedition to Florida, which some of you might have noticed at the time.

Combat Medic
2016 (Target Exclusive) Retro Style Series
This is a nice echo of the original Combat Medic casting. Glorious color combination and variety in the side and nose tampos. I'm actually a little surprised we don't see this casting more often, I would have thought it would make a nice inclusion in things like the Pop Culture series because all kinds of wild art can be put on the sides.

Modern casting doesn't have opening rear doors any more. Disappointing, perhaps, but such cost-reductions are to be expected. Other than that and the rather boring BW tires, this is a nice truck.

I had a Daytona Charger pop up in Canadian Tire from this series so I suspect that Target is selling off the back-stock of this exclusive through other channels. But this one actually came from a Target in Orlando.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Well, that's an interesting question. I think it can displace one of the '70 Cheville SS Wagons that are currently in the American quadrant, but I honestly don't know how long it will stay itself.


Silver Circuiter

Another interesting pick from Orlando.
Ford Falcon Race Car
2017 Racing Circuit #4
 So silver/zamac is very hard to pull off here, and there's a fine line between "silver metalflake" and "crappy finish". The paint also appears to be absorbing some of the casting details on the front or back of the car, which isn't a good look. The tampo colors don't work with the car's base color very well -- look at the contrast between the dark blue on the sides. It just feels a little thrown together.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Going to have to say a hard no on this one -- it isn't better than the existing Ford Falcon Race Car that's up there now, and it isn't special enough to displace something else.


Trying a new photo setup

New setup, mixed bulbs -- one warm, one white

'71 Bluebird 510 Wagon
2014 Mainline #206
Not sure about the "smoked" glass. The horizon is a bit on the "harsh" for my liking.

The glass is almost too reflective here.

I'll try some with both bulbs being "white" instead of the mix I have now.


Second RX-3

Here's a bright yellow RX-3 from Car Culture's Race Day series. Now this one I might see in Canada, since I already have the two Porsches already in the collection.
Mazda RX3
2017 Car Culture Race Day #2
This one doesn't work as well as the Japanese Historics model -- the bright yellow color shows starkly the lack of front and back end deco details. I'm also not a fan of these wheels, because the axle ends up looking too long as it protrudes from  the center of both sides of the car. All that together means that the Japanese Historic will quite probably out last this car on the Worthy Wall.

Overall this is another fine car, though. It seems to me to come off as more of a "track day" car than a proper "race car" per se.


Mighty Mercedes

So a bit of a special treat to make up for the delay in getting new content out. I made my annual year end purchase at KMJ Diecast, and he's hooked me up solidly with a bunch of cars that I'll never, ever see here in Canada. Let's lead off with the Car Culture Modern Classics Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II:
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II
2017 Car Culture Modern Classics #5

Now that's a lot of OMFBBQ wordage to apply to a model, but we'll let that pass instead of ridiculing it like it was merely a pretentious Lamborghini. And why? Because this is a mighty model of a mighty car.

The lack of  decoration on the roof and sides means that attention can be paid to the details on the front and back. Headlights and grills back to tail lights and emblem markings. Gloss black paint on the metal-on-metal construction, and the classy wheels are the crowning touch.

Another thing that occurs to me while opening a Car Culture car after handling a bunch of Mainlines -- opening a Car Culture car is an experience. The card is a thicker stock, the art is better, the finish on the stock is glossier. Then you crack the blister, and the car slides into your hand with a satisfying heft, the rubber wheels are pleasing in a tactile way, and the paint on the car has a different texture. I understand the urge to keep the cars pristine on their cards, but people who never open cars are genuinely missing something.